• Re: One Mahler/Bruckner to rule them all

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    On Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at 9:47:27 AM UTC-7, P wrote:
    I'm planning on investing in a symphony cycle for each of Mahler and Bruckner. I've got the Abravanel Mahler with the Utah SO ($3 Amazon "Big Mahler Box" download) which is a ridiculous value for money, but most reviews I've seen consider that set to
    be inferior to many other available recordings. So I'm thinking of upgrading to something better.

    I have no Bruckner recordings and would like to get a set.

    If you could only get one cycle of each, which would you get? Please make the trade-offs regarding completeness, versions, etc. (e.g. would you rather have set A's superior sound, or set B's slightly inferior sound but which includes Das Lied, or your
    preferred revision of Symphony X, etc.) as part of your recommendation, rather than recommending multiple sets.

    The only condition is that it has to be available in either CD or MP3 format, no LP or Laser Disc only issues.



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