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    I thought this was interesting in light of the discussions
    about musical critique and the Chopin sonata.

    Clicking on the link provided lands one on the Tribune's main
    page rather than on an article as I suppose was intended. Do
    you have a subscription to the Tribune? I don't.

    When I click on the link I posted, it goes right to the story, and no I
    have no subscription. I don't understand it. Anyway here's the story:

    Then possibly my browser's cookie settings are different from yours. Thanks for posting the article.

    Not an expert, but I don't see what cookies have to do with it. Perhaps when you cut and pasted only part of the string got copied.
    No cut/paste -- just right click t open the URL pointed to by the link.
    Since we all have access to Igor's recordings of these works, we can use our very own ears and brains to figure out if the review reflects fairly on Igor's performances. It is certainly possible he may have "turned off" that night. Otherwise, the reviewer is an idiot.

    Since we will never hear that 1997 performance in Chicago (I assume)
    we will never know. Since I knew that going in, I suppose there was no real point in sharing the review. Like you said, the reviewer is wrong, or
    Zhukov had an off night. I suppose if we had information about Zhukov's consistency in performance and/or we knew something about the reviewer's reputation, we could make an educated guess. But as it is, we can't.

    Igor was one of the most consistent pianists I heard, to an almost frightening degree. This is not to say he never turned off, however
    those moments were rare.


    Dan Tucker, a freelancer and IIRC amateur composer, was the Tribune's third-string classical music reviewer at the time, after John Von Rhein and Alan Artner.

    As webmaster of the so-called www.igor-zhukov.info I like to mention that I have a recording of this concert, it is a recording that was made for Igor Zhukov himself. And I can state the Scriabin Sonata #3 and Fantasy op.28 are one of the finest he
    played, these are my favorite Zhukov recordings. To my opinion this Dan Tucker was not at the concert (?) or he simply does not understand where music is about, who knows.

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