• Are we low testosterone and didn't even know it?

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    This is a brilliant idea -- thanks for sharing!

    It completely explains Boring van Beethoven,
    Dick Wagner, Tony Bruckner and Stravinsky. ;-)


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    What a dumb article, which begs unanswered questions:

    "The 25 fifteen-second musical snippets to which each subject
    listened weren't identified to them by genre.

    "The snippets were selected by researchers to represent the
    spectrum of music, based on five dimensions - Mellow,
    Contemporary/Urban, Sophisticated, Intense, and Unpretentious -
    identified by neuroscientist Daniel Levitin in a 2011 study.
    Oddly, three of the five describe emotional effects, and one, Contemporary/Urban, is a genre, as if Contemporary/Urban can’t
    also be mellow, intense, or unpretentious. And the last one seems
    to reflect a value judgment: "Sophisticated." Hm. Each
    participant was asked to rate a snipper as either "Like very
    much," or "Don't like at all."

    Nowhere does it or it's linked-to articles say what

    those samples are. No, I do not expect this "study"

    to be anything but misleading.

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