From Dan Koren@21:1/5 to All on Fri Sep 30 23:54:38 2022
    Many of us appear to have completely
    forgotten that before he traded his
    keyboard for a conductor's baton
    Christoph Eschenbach was briefly
    one of the finest pianists on stage.

    One cannot but wonder if this was
    the move that inspired Jony Ive to
    ditch the keys for a single button
    on the original iPhone.

    This playlist includes many, if not
    all of his recordings:


    many of which are simply superb,
    especially the Mozart, Schubert
    and Boring van Beethoven works.

    I heard Christoph Eschenbach live
    a few times during the 1960s and
    1970s, and was delighted every
    time. He is/was everything Dinu
    Lipatti and Clara Haskil were
    believed to be and never quite
    achieved: a pianists' pianist.

    Have a great weekend!


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