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    Bernard Herrmann's PSYCHO Score on SOUNDTRACK CINEMA @ www.film.com SOUNDTRACK CINEMA
    Available on demand In Stereo @ http://www.film.com
    Produced and Hosted By Ford A. Thaxton
    November/December 1998
    Show #64
    Week of November 30th "Psycho"
    This week we present a brand new recording by The Royal Scottish
    Orchestra conducted by Joel McNeely of Bernard Herrmann's classic score
    to the
    Alfred Hitchcock Film "PSYCHO"
    Show #65
    Week of December 7th: "Star Trek: Insurrection"
    This week we present the soundtrack to the latest STAR TREK feature film composed and conducted by Jerry Goldsmith.

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    "Psycho - How Music Tells The Story"

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    "Why The Music From Psycho Is Unique"

    "How Bernard Herrmann Saved Psycho"

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