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    Yeah, Marina Yakhlakova at the 2011 7th International FRANZ LISZT Piano Competition Weimar-Bayreuth, which she won. Very nice. Here
    she is earlier in the competition playing Liszt's Sonata in B Minor...


    ... which is also very nice. She never really made it big in the
    world of recording, but on Youtube, she seems to be highly
    regarded, even if not widely represented...


    ... and I wonder why, she is wonderful in the few videos I
    can find... and her Wiki page is just glowing...

    There is an oversupply of highly talented young
    musicians, many of which cannot find recording
    contracts. Even HJ Lim appears to be without a
    recording contract at this time.


    Sorry, but can we stop with this HJ Lim nonsens, listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuhXAdHcywo
    And yes, this is hopless, evey student at Moscow Conservatory will do 100x better on interpretation, phrasing, tempo and so on. I can not understand why people do like her. Her stage appearance? This endless uncontrolled movements? I never understood
    this, someone can play all pieces without sheet music, but simply does not understand what has to be played, for her it is 25x times better to play with sheet music, at least she will be reminded what she has to play, And she needs for sure a good coach,
    to tell her what and how she is or should be playing, that she plays her own 'thing' is nonsense, it is baloney, listen to her Rachmaninoff, ouch, this is bad, really bad. Sorry again for my writing, but some people have to wake up.

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