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    I've got a question about an unusual looking tenor mouthpiece I saw pictured in the book _The Blue Note Years:_The Jazz Photography of Francis Wolff_. It's
    a metal mouthpiece which resembles the handle of a screwdriver. Paul Lindemeyer hazarded the guess that it might be an early Link based on a purely
    written description I sent him.

    However, this past weekend while away at a weekend intensive I had a chance to
    use my library school's scanner to create a .jpg file and then loaded it into the directory of my web page [it's not directly linked to the page which is at
    http://home.unicom.net/~lechner since the photo is part of a copyrighted book and I therefore don't intend to leave it up indefinitely].

    If anyone would like to attempt to identify this mouthpiece, the URL is http://home.unicom.net/~lechner/IkeQ.jpg
    It is a Meyer fluted side model see one of theo wanne websites john

    I should add, I don't own such a mouthpiece, I just saw it in the book and was
    intrigued with the unusual exterior design.

    Incidentally, I also noticed the same mouthpiece in the cover photos for several Ike Quebec CD's currently available at the local music store so I guess he must have used it for an extended period.

    --David Lechner

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