• Babbitt Supreme Moutpiece

    From nissa.ludwig@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed Feb 22 21:48:27 2017
    Hey ;)

    I play bari - so this may not apply to your situation. If you got it for $20 you got a steal. J Babbitt is still in business - though I am having issues tracking the products down. In any case, I have been playing a Babbitt Supreme on an off for 25
    years. I have other mouthpieces (I shifted to metal for a while) but I always find myself coming back to this one. Is it the best mouthpiece ever made, probably not. Still I get a great tone and have used it in a concert setting, in a jazz big band and
    in the studio. For me the warm bottom end is worth having to pay a bit more attention to intonation on the high end. Knowing that is the case, I am used to adjusting for it. I know I love mine - I am trying to find another right now - which is how I
    found your question. Sorry I don't have any more for you on the tenor side. Best of luck!

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