• Is there anyway I can completely mute my Tenor Saxophone.

    From Raven Ludy@21:1/5 to All on Thu Nov 10 15:52:56 2016
    I live in a small non-insulated house with my boyfriend and his very Disagreeable bother and his fiancee. The brother and Fiancee hate our guts and are looking for any reason to kick us out. I want to practice so that I can get into college on a Band
    Scholarship, and the only time I have is when they aren't home. Unfortunately the only time when they aren't home is when we all work and the time before they get home from work, which can leave me anywhere from 5 minutes to 1hr to practice. I hate it
    but completely muting my saxophone is the only way I can practice. I have to put my sax up the second they come home. Please help. I feel that at this rate I will never get good enough again to play for a scholarship.

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