• Eternal Realm of Glory Part 3 (1/2)

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    Chronicles of the
    Eternal Realm of Glory

    “Melanie and Daniel 2”

    Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly
    © 6175 SC by Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly and ‘Universal Faith Assembly Books’

    Chapter One

    ‘I am so fucking jetlagged.’
    ‘Watch your language,’ nudged Melanie, as Daniel almost fell off the airport waiting lounge seat.
    ‘Were the hell are we anyway?’ queried Daniel, with bloodshot eyes.
    ‘You don’t know?’ queried Melanie.
    ‘No fucking idea.’ She nudged him again.
    ‘We are in Sandranvania. The capital city, Sandravon.’
    ‘Sandravon? I don’t think I have even ever heard of the bloody place.’ ‘It’s new,’ she responded, turning another page of her magazine. ‘Only a few centuries old. I checked the details before the band arrived.’
    ‘You do that often?’ he asked, with no better question on his mind. ‘Check up on new cities?’
    ‘Only when our band is touring somewhere new. Were we haven’t been before. The other girls and I always like to answer well at interviews and we make mention of things like this in our concerts.’
    ‘Oh,’ said Daniel, but probably couldn’t care less anyway. He was well and truly bored shitless after 4 fucking centuries of solid touring to promote just one bloody album anyway.
    ‘You didn’t do this in the old days, you know. 4 centuries of this. It was a 4 month getaway, and then that was enough for ages. But now – 4 bloody centuries.’
    ‘Things have changed, Danny boy. We are committed now. VERY committed. We now plan on pursuing this music as our primary career eternally. The girls and I have worked out in true ‘Viva Forever’ fashion, that life never ends, and that eternity
    never ends, so as the heavenlies go on expanding forever, we will increase our tour every new time to every new city. Constant, continual, eternal growth. Girl power, Danny Boy. Girl power.’
    ‘You are a freak, Melanie Chisholm. A freak.’
    ‘Takes one to know one, Daniel Daly. Takes one to know one.’

    After a while Daniel spoke up. ‘My novel. Morning Stars. The Chronicles of the Children of Destiny volume 1 epic. It is still number one, you know. World wide. Still the all time best seller.’
    Melanie looked at him, seriously. ‘I know, Daniel. I know.’
    ‘Yes,’ he responded, with bloodshot eyes. ‘But I do fuck all to promote it, sweetie. Fuck all. I worked, once, for a while. Got the series finished. Got it published. Promoted it. And then did nothing more. Nothing. And it is still fucking
    number one.’
    Melanie scratched her head, ignoring his boasting. Eventually she took issue with him. It was a vain attempt at humility and splendour. ‘Nothing? Really? What is it that you do on Google every Friday? Every single Friday, around 4 in the
    afternoon, forever. Literally forever. I have never seen you miss.’
    He turned to look at her, and said ‘fuck’ under his breath. ‘Well, okay. You have got me. I post a regular add for the book every week. So sue me. Google groups are free.’
    ‘Yes,’ she says. ‘But you do promote it. I have read the messages. You put on one of the short stories every time, from a list of about 400 that I have seen. Yes, I have been reading it for thousands of years now also. Then you give a few
    hundred words of autobiography from the past week, and you post your website links, and you post the message to 15 specific Google groups that you never budge from. THAT is what you do, Danny. You have never changed from it.’
    He looked guilty. ‘And you think that does it, do you?’
    ‘100%, Dan. 100%. You dish up a constant supply of new work with your autobiography, and you have a heck of a readership. I see it in the webhits those groups get. And Google is everywhere on the net, all over heaven, and there are literally
    sextillions of souls who read those groups on a daily basis. It explains everything.’
    ‘I am just lucky. I have a priority address for postings. My message usually stays on the right hand bar tab for 2 or 3 days, gradually dropping down the list. That sort of exposure, with those numbers, adds up to everything in the end.’
    ‘Yes. I do know Daniel. I do know.’

    He smiled, took a sip of a flat coke, and went back to his grumbling.
    ‘What city are we in again?’
    ‘Oh, shut up,’ responded Melanie.

    Chapter Two

    Geraldine took out a hanky, blew her nose, and looked at the mess. ‘Good God. That was up my nose.’
    ‘Charming,’ said Victoria, handing her a bin.
    ‘It’s a perfectly good hankie,’ said Geraldine.
    ‘Bin!’ exclaimed Victoria. ‘Believe me, Geraldine – you can afford it.’ Geraldine humbly obliged.

    They were at the next show on their list, the eternal Spice. 5 British girls who were showing the world that Girl Power could do it better, an eternal theme for the group. Wether they, in truth, actually meant that or not was indeed another question,
    but when you were onto a good thing….

    ‘The problem with men,’ began Emma, sitting in her white skirt, looking ever so ‘Emma’, is that they just don’t know what they want.’
    ‘Oh, they know what they want alright,’ said Victoria, patting her butt. ‘And they usually know how to get it.’
    ‘It is just that they are too stupid to properly appreciate it,’ said Geraldine, which made the little group of 5 girls laugh.

    Emma continued. ‘No, seriously. They just don’t know what they want out of life. They spend forever changing careers, trying to be a hotshot at this or that firm, before finally moving on and then, when they are finally secure and you can rely on
    their income, off they go dreaming of forming a business of their own. They are never bloody satisfied.’

    ‘Now,’ began Melanie Brown,’ while girls certainly can do it better, it is very hard to match the ego of men when it comes to their ambitions. But, of course, they set big goals, yet reality is far more frugal.’
    ‘True,’ said Geraldine.
    ‘Oh, I don’t know,’ responded Victoria. ‘David usually achieves his goals after a while. And what about that Daniel fellow of yours Mel. Apparently he is still number one all time. In fact, I saw his book yesterday, at the newsagents at the
    airport. Sitting in the corner, with a few others of his. Nice cover – basic, but dramatic.’
    ‘That’s Daniel,’ said Melanie. ‘Always a trier.’
    ‘What I think,’ began Melanie Brown, ‘is that despite all their flaws, and shortcomings, and their utter reliance on the fairer sex, we still couldn’t live without them.’
    And the group all nodded.

    * * * * *

    They were at yet another airport lounge, sitting there, waiting on their flight. Melanie always wanted to arrive early and, despite Daniel’s constant bemoaning that they simply use the ‘Spice’ plane and have enough of this regular carrier nonsense,
    which Melanie and the girls usually refused on the grounds of trying to come across as everyday girls in touch with the people, Melanie was still in an upbeat mood.

    ‘So, where are we now?’
    ‘Same country, new city. I won’t bother telling you its name. You will learn it eventually I suppose.’
    ‘I suppose,’ responded Daniel.

    He, finally out of boredom, pulled a rubiks cube out of his jacket pocket, which he had purchased at the airport newsagents when they had arrived in their current city, and looked at it. He knew how to solve them, generally, and had mastered it aeons
    ago, but never kept at the technique, and these days was a bit fuzzy as to how to actually solve the thing.

    Melanie looked at it. ‘You think you can solve that then? You’re not that bright, are you?’
    ‘Huh, I’ll show you,’ and for the next 45 minutes he twisted and turned the thing, eventually getting 2 sides, before giving up.
    ‘Told ya,’ she said, smiling, and Daniel just moaned.

    ‘So, were to next, beloved?’
    ‘The other main city of this nation. It is an interesting one, you know. About 70 main families populate it, all of them descended from one couple who wanted to form their own nation ages ago. For a long time that was all there was – just their
    family, but in recent millennia they have opened up somewhat and allowed free movement. But mostly the same family. A very strange project.’

    Daniel thought that over. ‘Interesting, Mel. I will think over that. Food for thought for a while.’
    ‘You do that, she responded, turning another page in her magazine.

    Chapter Three

    ‘You know, Melanie. I kind of fancy that Daniel fellow of yours.’
    Melanie turned to Geraldine. ‘You are kidding aren’t you? He has the appeal of a slug.’
    ‘Then what are you doing with him,’ responded Geraldine defensively. Melanie stared at her, but said nothing. She sat there, in their dressing room, the other girls doing their makeup and things, before eventually responding. ‘Look, Geri. What I said was too harsh. Perhaps I was just jealous. Remember, he’s mine.
    Look, the way Daniel often comes across is in a very rigid and legalistic way at first, until you get to know him. He is actually quite liberal on many issues, but is very careful with the reputation he seems to think he has.’
    ‘Oh,’ said Geraldine. ‘Well, I was only remarking that he is cute. Kind of guy I could go for, if he was available.’
    ‘But he’s not, so don’t even think about it.’
    ‘I won’t,’ said Geraldine, but wasn’t promising anything.

    Later on that night, after the concert, sitting alone in the dressing room after the girls had all left, waiting for Daniel who shouldn’t be too much longer, Melanie thought on her husband. Daniel Daly – the man who had finally taken her virginity.
    What sort of guy was he, really, in the end? Why had Melanie bothered with an author, albeit a successful one, to hang around and fall in love with. Was it his stability? His success? His charms? He had a fair degree of them. But was there
    something else. After a while she concluded she didn’t really know, but a soft voice in her heart said ‘He will probably love you, in the end, more than anybody else anyway,’ and that seemed to satisfy Melanie’s question.

    * * * * *

    ‘We are in Prontington!’ he exclaimed, with something of a victory noticeable in his voice.
    ‘Oh, well done,’ responded Melanie, to Daniel’s triumph.
    ‘And the city has over 1 billion inhabitants.’
    ‘Yep. There you go again,’ she responded.
    ‘Yep,’ he said, and proceeded to take out his rubiks cube and puzzle over it.

    After a while he spoke up. ‘But what about genetics? Isn’t that a problem?’
    She said nothing for a few moments, before finally responding. ‘Uh, Genetics, a problem? For who?’
    He finished with his Rubiks cube. ‘Well, them, I guess,’ he said, pointing at those gathered in the waiting room.
    Melanie frowned. What was he on about? ‘Do you care to explain?’ she asked him, putting down her magazine.
    ‘All these people. If there are only 70 major families, and they are all related, shouldn’t there be heaps of genetic problems. I mean, they are all inbreds.’
    ‘Oh,’ she said, finally catching on. She looked around them, at all the people, suddenly looking at their faces, looking to see anything of those potential genetic defects. There didn’t seem to be anything immediately noticeable.
    ‘I mean, sure, maybe the original couple had very good and diverse DNA for this project. Maybe it wasn’t a problem for the original couple.’
    ‘I guess,’ she responded, returning to her magazine.
    ‘Yes, that was probably what it was. Good DNA. A suitable match. The kids never ended up having problems with interbreeding.’
    ‘And if the parents had sex with the children,’ said Melanie, cautiously, still looking at her magazine.
    ‘Fuck,’ said Daniel. ‘Never thought of that. Adam and Eve all over again. Incest – a game the whole family can play.’
    Melanie smirked at that. A funny one from her beloved.

    ‘Family get togethers could be a thing, though. I mean, who do you leave out? You could end up inviting half the bloody neighbourhood.’
    Melanie had to again smirk at the comment.
    ‘Oh. And birthdays for the family members. Who DON’T you send a card to? Could be bloody expensive.’
    ‘I guess so,’ she said, sobering up somewhat.
    ‘I guess blood is thicker than water, after all,’ he finished.
    ‘Yes,’ she said, as he returned to his Rubik’s cube.

    ‘I probably wouldn’t want to do that kind of thing. That kind of experiment. Probably not me,’ he finished, and puzzled on his cube.

    She sat there, not wanting to, turning her pages of her beauty mag, but she thought on that anyway. A kingdom – a country – full of her offspring. Her own seed, and nothing but. Surely she would never contemplate such a thing. Surely never.

    Chapter Four

    ‘Some things work. Some things don’t. We are supposed to work it out in time and, I feel, inevitably most of us usually do.’
    The two of them were in yet another airport of this quite large country, in a smaller city this time, but the band wanted to be extensive after all. Daniel had been sharing, in response to Melanie’s recent question pertaining to the concept of ‘Sin
    as to what Daniel felt on the subject.
    ‘Of course, Morning Stars, with the dialogue between Michael and Saruviel, addressed something of the core issue. Your own way as opposed to God’s way. God’s way wins, in the end. You will be even admitting it. He already knows, that is all it
    is. He already knows the fullness of morality. For most of us, our early years are found simply in arguing with him. And then, as I said, we work out on our own issues which God doesn’t address too much that some things work well for us and some
    things just don’t. And that is the way it is.’

    ‘But why should we agree with God? I mean, what makes him right? How are you so sure he has the truth on every moral issue.’
    Daniel looked at her, a little bit taken aback at what he felt was a slur against his lord, but took it on the cheek. Melanie wouldn’t have meant it like that. ‘Look, see it this way. The being who is Almighty God – Yahweh, as we mostly know him
    as – designed the human body, the human mind, the human psyche. He knows, in all intricacy, the depth of intellectual questionings our minds are capable of, in all their synaptic glories. He already knows – he has already had those thoughts, and he
    has already worked out the truth of the deepest mysteries we could ever hope to plumb the depths of. He has already done what we crave as our own original glory of thought.’
    ‘So you say,’ responded Melanie suspiciously.
    ‘Yes. So I say,’ responded Daniel, returning to his Rubiks cube.

    They sat there for a while, Daniel working on his cube, Melanie working up to a reply. She had one coming – in the guts of her – and wanted to now have a go.

    ‘But how do you know, really, that he has bothered to work everything out properly? How do YOU know? Has he told you? Personally?’
    ‘I read the book of Job, Mel. Probably the first spiritual book I ever completed. It has all the answers on that one.’
    ‘Yes. I know the text. You would quote that. But who wrote it?’
    ‘It was still, whatever you might say on that issue, placed into the canon. It still ended up in what came to be regarded as his word. And, whatever its origins, to me it addresses the core of the issue. God made it all – he already knows. Who
    the hell are we to think we have originality in us? Huh?’
    ‘But aren’t we made in his image? Don’t we have something new to offer him?’
    He looked at her for a few moments and, then, thinking that over, responded a little more carefully.
    ‘Well, maybe. Maybe. Yes, we are made in his image. Yes, we are his children, with lives of our own. I don’t think we surprise him very much in what we do, because he knows each of us by design very carefully, and we respond in the way we are
    supposed to. But, perhaps – perhaps there is a spark of originality in our knowledges which he never looked into per se but, having said that, I don’t think we are ever going to really surprise him with that anyway. He probably has everything
    figured out by now, if he didn’t so already.

    She didn’t dispute him. She wouldn’t, now. He had answered carefully and kindly. But, she was not really sure if she agreed and, in truth, not really sure if she disagreed. It was an interesting question. Very, very interesting.

    Chapter Five

    Geraldine and Daniel were backstage, Melanie still signing autographs, and the other girls had disappeared for the night.

    ‘So, you like ‘Spice’, I take it?’
    ‘I think I have expressed that to you plenty of times previously.’
    ‘Oh, you know, Dan. Tastes change. People move on – to something else – something new. Time marches on and all that.’
    ‘I’ll put it this way,’ responded Daniel. ‘I never get sick of oranges. And while I like apples and pears and watermelons too, I still always like oranges as well. They are good for you, taste nice, and a part of a natural diet.’
    ‘So that is what we are, is it? Oranges?’
    ‘Oh, you are a definite fruit salad of flavour, dear Geri. A definite fruit salad.’
    She smiled on that point.

    ‘So, what are your favourite fruits, then? Your favourite bands?’
    ‘Too bloody many to mention. At the moment ‘Panic at the Disco’ is on my current iPod. A large selection of their early stuff. They impressed me, once, with a couple of videos from an early album. I put them on my listening routine from time to
    time. Of course, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Dio, Madonna, Britney Spears and of course Spice are among my most regular tunes. Iron Maiden, Evanescence and Roxette also make the list a heck of a lot. They are still probably my favourites.’
    ‘I see,’ she said. ‘The oldies.’
    ‘Oldies but goodies. Oh, heck, I have heard pretty much all of it by now, and bands grab me from time to time with new sounds. But for what I am into personally, the stuff I had in my first 60 to 70 years of life was about enough for eternity. I
    haven’t dabbled seriously with great listening to too many bands since that time. Didn’t think there was much point. I’ll buy a new CD, but unless it really strikes me as deserving more attention, I will stick to what I have.’
    ‘Yes, I am sort of the same way,’ responded Geraldine. ‘A core of favourites makes up my playlists, and after that, well, you know. Whatever is playing on the radio.’
    ‘Exactly,’ responded Daniel.

    * * * * *

    ‘You and Geri,’ she said, out of the blue, as he continued to puzzle on his cube, sitting again in a typical airport for this nation.
    ‘Uh, what?’
    ‘You and Geri. You both seem friendly.’
    Daniel was flabbergasted at that. What WAS she on about.
    ‘Umm. Me and Geri have gotten along well for a long time. Is that a problem?’
    She turned to look at him, almost spoke, but bit her lip and stared at him. She then turned back to looking into space, and gazed up at the clock on the wall briefly, before returning her gaze to nothing in particular.

    After a while, Daniel returning to his cube, she picked up a magazine, and started humming to herself. Whatever was on her mind, Daniel didn’t really know.

    It was the next airport, after another sold out show, they were sitting there again, and again he was still trying to work out the cube, when she brought it up again.

    ‘Geraldine. Is there…. Is there anything I need to know, Daniel?’
    He looked at his cube. 3 sides, now. He had mastered getting about 3 of them with effort. But 4, 5 and 6, which he knew now would come automatically when he had gotten the fifth anyway, were still an ongoing challenge.

    ‘Uh, no. Nothing I am aware of that you need to know about me and Geraldine. Don’t really know what you are driving at, sweetie. But me and Geraldine are not hiding any secrets from you.’ And as an afterthought he added, ‘Oh, and no. We don
    t have any surprise birthdays planned or anything like that. At least nothing that I am aware of anyway. Now, why do you ask?’

    She turned to him, looked into his eyes, almost into his soul, but said nothing. She just stared at him, right into him, then turned away, back to her magazine.’
    ‘No reason,’ she finally said, and that was that. Nothing more on the issue eventuated.

    Chapter Six

    ‘What about LMFAO? Are you shuffling every day?’
    ‘Am I what?’ responded Daniel, a big smile on his face.
    ‘Are you shuffling?’
    ‘I guess fucking so,’ he said, still smiling. ‘Yeh, I know the band. I bought a CD once. Ages ago. Actually, no. The same CD, but a lot of times. They have others, but I only listened to them early on. There is just their early CD with ‘
    Shufflin’ that I listen to on a regular basis.
    ‘Do you like them?’ persisted Geraldine.
    ‘I thought they were quite original, yes. Yeh, I like them. Not completely my type of stuff, but some of the rare dance music I would bother with. They are ok.’

    She reached into her bag, pulled out a CD single of LMFAO, and as they sang along and did a little dance, Melanie, who had been finishing the removing of her makeup in the corner, just stared at the two of them, but said nothing. After all, in Daniel’
    s own words, there was nothing to say. Was there?

    ‘We really should try this live. I would love to, you know, but the band won’t sell us the rights to perform live. It is there exclusive domain.’
    ‘A lot of bands are like that, I’ve heard. But you can’t blame them, can you. It is there living, in the end. They have to look out for their welfare.’
    ‘I am sure they can afford it. It will only help them in the end.’
    ‘But that is not how everyone sees it. Some think you are stealing someone elses audience, in a funny kind of way. Even if it is your own you are singing to.’
    ‘All I can say is thank God for the Public Domain song database.’
    Daniel nodded at that. The Public Domain song database of heaven was, primarily, a host of song material which God himself had organized, communicated to through a number of angels, and had put into the form of an online database accessible by everyone.
    There were well over 10 Billion original songs available for everyone to utilize in their own live performances and for the release of any particular CD they may want to release for their own performing ambitions. The database was part of God’s plan
    for every soul who wanted it to be able to eventually make something of an impact into performance, and even a career if they needed it, in the field of music. With the reality of copyright, unless you had been amongst the first numbers to have gotten
    the best tunes from the data range capable over a standard 80 minute CD, which was a practically infinite variety of sounds, language and other strange communications, some quite evil, but that also included, necessarily, music, then you were ultimately
    left without original material to make a career from. The early birds caught the worm in that sense, and now, millions of years later, all the stuff which was cool and hip had basically been utilized in the full data range available from the full code
    of a CD, in all interesting enough variations. Funny that – how the entirety of the human language and history of speech – everything you could ever hope to say and ever would – already theoretically existed in the capable data range of an 80
    minute CD which, really, only needed to be computed in a run, printed off, and ultimately listened to. God, supposedly, knew it all though anyway. Knew the entirety of the knowledge from such an idea, and thus knew the entirety of knowledge. It was
    all happily at peace in the soul, mind and heart of the creator, so the theologians constantly maintained.

    Later on, back in the hotel room, ready to leave in the morning, Melanie hadn’t spoken for a while. Daniel knew something was up – something wasn’t right. Melanie had an issue with him, possibly something to do with Geri, but he wasn’t sure.
    It might be something else entirely, and maybe Geri had just set it off. He wasn’t sure, but presumed he would find out soon enough.

    Chapter Seven

    ‘Do you like me, Danny?’
    ‘Yeh, you are sweet, Geri. Really, if it wasn’t for Mel, you would be the kind of girl I would go for.’
    She nodded. They were alone in the girl’s dressing room, after the show, the other girls having left. Melanie had been there, looking at Geri who innocently was doing her makeup, and Daniel said he had to pee, and went to the toilet in the dressing
    room, Melanie telling him she would find her own way back to the hotel in a taxi on her own for some quiet breathing space just before he closed the toilet door. He had come out of the toilet, found Geraldine still there, and had said ‘Well I’ll see
    you later,’ before she had asked him to sit down. And now, so he felt, she was chatting him up.
    ‘So you like me,’ she said, and put her hand on to his leg, and slowly moved it up a little towards his crotch.
    ‘Oh, fuck Geri.’
    ‘Exactly,’ she responded.
    ‘But I can’t. I can’t. I’m married – happily.’
    ‘We’ve done it before,’ she reminded him.
    ‘I know,’ he said.
    And before he could say anything she had whipped of her top and undid her bra, and sat there with her tits showing.
    ‘They look good, don’t they Danny? I have been working out properly.’
    He dared, and put his hand forward and grabbed one. Just then the door opened and Melanie walked back in saying ‘I just forgot something,’ and caught them. There was fire in her eyes. ‘You fucking bastard!’ she exclaimed.
    ‘Uh, it’s not what you think, Mel.’ Geri quickly put her bra and top back on, grabbed her purse, and walked past Mel, not before Mel hissed ‘Bitch’ at her, leaving a very difficult Daniel feeling guilty as hell.

    She just stood there, staring at him, and Daniel looked down, feeling like a piece of shit. Eventually Melanie softened. ‘Well, do you like her then? Is that just it? You like Geri?’
    ‘It’s nothing like that. But I think I know what you were saying at the airport. From how Geri has been acting towards me recently. But, really, there has nothing been going on. Just then was it. She just whipped off her top and I couldn’t
    help feel her tits. They looked so good.’
    ‘Oh,’ she said, and came to sit down next to him.

    There was a part of Melanie C which had mercy. Which was soft, and forgiving for such things. She knew Daniel was only a guy in the end, only human, and so she forgave him for it. She noticed, though, he had a strong erection. ‘Do you want me to
    take care of that, Danny?’ she said, indicating his crotch.
    ‘Uh, fuck.’ And so they did.

    * * * * *

    Daniel slept well that night, his dreams alive of all five of the Spice Girls, there hands and arms wrapped all over him, his crotch being paid particular attention and, the second time he orgasmed in his dreams, it was in the most blissful of positions,
    all 5 girls around him, his night being made. Besides him Melanie was restless. She couldn’t sleep. She was worried. Would he leave her? Geri and him had dated a long time ago, before they had been married. Presumably they had slept together, but
    Geri never said anything about it. Never mentioned anything since Mel and Dan had got together. But did Geri really still have feelings for Daniel? And did Daniel feel the same? Would she lose her man? She didn’t even want to contemplate such a
    reality. Losing him now, after all this time together – she couldn’t even hope to think about starting again with another man. That much would be impossible to her – literally impossible.

    She stared at the ceiling, noticed him thrusting a little next to her in his sleep and that he had come again. Was he in the arms of Geraldine in his obviously happy dream? Was he getting lucky?

    They had been together for so long now. Almost as if her life had been Daniel’s life in a funny way – like they were one flesh in truth, as scripture also decreed between a husband and a wife. She felt she knew him so very well, all his strange
    ways, all his strange thoughts. He was a gentle man, in most ways. Quite humble. And faithful. Usually, very, very faithful. Had they done this before, he and Geraldine? Had they been together behind her back? Was Daniel hiding a hidden
    relationship which had never really ended? She hated to think so but she was suspicious.

    Eventually, she found sleep, and, in her dreams, giant heads of Geri and Daniel seemed to float around, laughing at her, before changing into giant slugs. ‘Ah, justice,’ she thought to herself, as she laughed and dreamed on.

    Chapter Eight

    It was the next city, in the airport, Daniel had just mastered side four, and exclaimed as such. Melanie was generally over her concerns with him and Geri. He had claimed, the following morning, that no shenanigans had been going on whatsoever and that
    throughout there whole marriage he had remained faithful. ‘Yes, I have looked at women. That is unavoidable. But I have never cheated,’ and she believed him. He was telling the truth as well.

    She sat on her airport seat, her magazine in her hands, staring off into space, Daniel just having exclaimed his victory in mastering 4 sides of the cube, and all was, generally well.

    The tour had been going well, so far. Four centuries of it, touring now the outer limits of the heavenlies, having seen so much new stuff. But that was life in an ever-expanding world. Always something new.

    She thought about that, and the girl’s devotion to tour forever, as heaven expanded, always to a new show, to a new venue. Always a new fan to sign an autograph for, a new CD cover to sign, a new hand to shake. Onwards, forever onwards, the might of
    the Spice attack. This was her life, now, and she knew it. She had committed to it. And for the most part it was satisfying. Sure, she had plenty to do, and she was never bored. Daniel was a great companion, and the girls were eternal friends – as
    a group they just seemed to work.

    But, deep in the centre of her heart, there was something. Something which, although, was definitely saying she was fine and happy and had no real problems to address, also shrugged its shoulders and said, in a funny kind of voice, ‘Well I don’t
    know’, when she asked of it the serious question ‘Is there anything more to my life?’ It was her conscience, embodied in a little miniature version of Melanie, sitting in her heart, telling her what she should and shouldn’t do. It had always
    been there and, for a long time now, had not complained much. But, over the last 5 or 6 thousand years, slowly, she had noticed it. A malaise – a malaise of the heart – a little bit of it which said ‘There is still something more for Melanie C to
    find satisfaction on’. And so she continued to question that little conscience of hers, which was always reluctant to give her a proper answer, but which, now, that a situation between Daniel and Geri had been resolved, seemed to be standing up and
    saying it was time to deal with something – something which her heart had been putting off for a long time.

    And so, sitting there, staring off into space, she suddenly stood, looked at Daniel and said ‘You know my mobile number by heart, don’t you?’
    He nodded.

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