• Eternal Realm of Glory Part 2

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    Chronicles of the
    Eternal Realm of Glory

    “Daniel and Abraham”

    3 years since responding to Saruviel’s letter on the issue of circumcision Daniel finally assented to Saruviel’s request for a meeting between the two of them and Abraham. Daniel, who was currently involved in a strong relationship of friendship
    with the pop singer Melanie, invited her to attend. He had softened, it seemed, in the last 3 years, especially as Melanie had carefully prayed that God would reveal to Daniel what he needed to know. So Melanie, agreeing to come along for the
    conversation, was present with Daniel as they sat on a seat in the local mall foodcourt, with Abraham and Saruviel who had just joined them. Abraham began the conversation.

    ‘I am afraid I will have to use some of Saruviel’s logic, Daniel. But please, hear me out.’
    ‘Go ahead,’ responded Daniel.
    ‘You see, circumcision was given to be a sign in the flesh – literally marked in the flesh. It wasn’t intended as a sign of violence, but more as a deliberate cutting of our own will to serve the God who had literally marked us as his own for
    service. The eighth day of the circumcision represents the supernatural order of intervention. It represents a system one step beyond the natural system, a system necessary for the redemption of the natural system which had been disaffected by the
    choice of Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. The circumcision, in this sense, represents a doctors cutting of our flesh, Israel’s, to heal the rest of humanity. And that is why it is primarily Israel who receives the Torah law to set a higher
    example than is perhaps necessary for the rest of mankind to ensure the average standard of mankind’s behaviour rises up to an acceptable level. You see, in the early times, sin was great, and God needed to make corrective surgery in this sense. What
    you are saying about the natural order being perfect is indeed true, and in the way it was intended to function there would have been no circumcision. But because of the fall of Adam and Eve corrective surgery, of supernatural intervention, took place,
    and that is what the eighth day circumcision represents. People go to Doctors for surgery. God performed surgery on myself and my male offspring to ensure mankind’s healing took place. Later on, when the Christians took the old testament to the
    world, so much more was accomplished, and it was never really necessary to try and circumcise the whole church – in fact the church did the job for so many in providing the teachings of holiness necessary in a practical sense. But we remain, as the
    circumcised, God’s correction of the sin factor. That is what circumcision is meant to represent. I think that sums it up.’
    Saruviel spoke up. ‘I think, Daniel, your passion for what you perceive of as the perfection of the created order needs to understand the ability of freethinking humans to choose sin. Because of sin, an intervention by God needed to occur. This is
    represented by the circumcision. It was never intended by God himself to be a slight against the uncircumcised, which was a problematic attitude which did unfortunately come into Jewish thinking for a while.’
    Melanie spoke up. ‘Well, Dan. That seems reasonable. I think that addresses that issue. What do you say?’
    Daniel remained silent. He picked up his lemonade, took a sip, and thought it over. ‘I will have to think about it carefully, Abraham, but yes, that is a pretty good answer. It does make a logical idea, what you are saying, so I will think it over
    ‘Please,’ began Abraham. ‘Realize we are not your enemies. We are your friends. It is not something to concern yourself with.’
    ‘Ok Abraham. Ok. I will think it over.’

    It was four weeks later, Daniel had sent an email to Saruviel and Abraham, accepting their viewpoints. He commented that he would continue to think over the issue, but for now their answers were satisfactory. They made sense and were consistent enough
    with logical truth.

    Later, he reaffirmed his commitment to the Rainbow Bible, but also began studying Israel’s Torah a little more. It could prove useful to understand their faith more over the years, and be a little less judgemental. After all, if they were part of God
    s plan, then it was important for him to accept that, and perhaps, just perhaps, get over a bit of his personal pride. Yes, he knew he was up himself some what, but had softened in his time with Melanie. Time would produce a better heart in him and,
    having found a better consolation on an important issue, he put his mind to further study of the sacred texts and examining what was next in his own walk with God. Something would come up, but for now he was happy. A generally content and happy little
    child of God.

    The End

    Chronicles of the
    Eternal Realm of Glory

    ‘Dario and Andrew – Two Clowns at a Circus’

    Daniel and Melanie, now dating, were quite happy together. Melanie had noticed that gradually, over the last few years, Daniel’s symptoms of extreme pride and arrogance were slowly diminishing and he was becoming something more of a regular and down-
    to-earth angel. But he still pushed it often enough. However, he had redeemed himself in her eyes just the other night when, at the circus, he handled a most difficult situation. A most difficult situation indeed.

    ‘So when the clowns come on, we run up, pull down our pants, and moon the crowd.’ Andrew, the more compliant and susceptible to his best friend Dario’s often frantic behaviour, just nodded and took a puff on his 47th cigarette that day. The two
    of them, purchasing their tickets, entered the big tent and took their seats next to a happy couple.

    Daniel looked at the two rather drunk looking fellows who had just sat down, eyed them suspiciously knowing them a couple of trouble makers, but gave them no further thought. They had travelled to the ‘Joniquay Star Circus’ and the last thing he
    wanted was for his date with Melanie to awry. He sipped on his coke, put his arm around his girlfriend and said ‘It should be a good show.’

    The show proceeded as circuses do and after the first act on came two clowns. Suddenly the drunkards in front of them lurched to their feet, staggered down to the ring and, dropping their pants and underwear, started mooning everyone. The clowns looked
    embarrassed but, as nobody seemed willing to do anything about the situation, Daniel rushed down, grabbed one of the drunkards and forced him to pull his pants back up. The other one complied also and he brought them to the side of the ring and out to
    the exit. He spoke to them sternly. ‘Are you guys literally insane?’ Andrew chuckled. ‘Insane – that’s a good one. Probably.’
    ‘Insane is as insane does,’ said Dario.
    Daniel just shook his head in unbelief and, after cautioning them to settle down, returned to his seat with Melanie. She turned and asked him if everything was now ok and he responded by saying ‘I hope so.’
    Yet, as clowns are wont to do, Dario and Andrew re-entered the ring and started chasing the clowns. Funnily, though, the audience was now quite amused by the performances of these ‘Ring-ins’ and started cheering them as they chased the clowns. The
    ringmaster was looking nervous, but let the situation be.

    Dario ran over to the ringmaster, grabbed his microphone, the ringmaster relinquishing it, and said to the crowd, ‘And now my friend, Andrew the Magnificent, shall dive from trapeze into the pool of water.’
    Andrew bowed and climbed up the ladder onto the trapeze and waving to the crowd, jumped off.

    Of course, he missed the pool and, half an hour later, the medics taking Andrew and Dario off to the hospital, Daniel just shook his head. ‘I should have known those two would be trouble. I should have never given them the money for the tickets.’
    Melanie spoke up ‘You know them?’
    ‘I didn’t want to say anything, but one of them called Dario dates my younger sister. He insisted I give him money for the tickets as we met up here in Joniquay when I went out from the hotel room yesterday. I am so sorry they spoilt the show, Mel.
    Perhaps we can go again.’
    ‘Don’t worry about it, Daniel. You acted maturely. You should be proud of yourself.’ She kissed him on the cheek and he blushed, but was still embarrassed about the man who would likely become his brother-in-law.

    As Melanie sat reflecting on the night, just having had dinner with Dario and Andrew the night before, she could well understand Daniel’s reservations. ‘Just what am I getting into with this Daniel fellow’, she laughed to herself. Just what

    The End

    Chronicles of the
    Eternal Realm of Glory

    ‘Master Radcliffe and the 7 Epochs of the Shadow Wars’

    Epoch One

    Raphael had for so long worried about young Daniel Radcliffe. One of Satan’s old Shadow demon’s had been procreating out in the darklands, focusing on Master Radcliffe as the source of its sustenance in feeding on spiritual food of the legends.
    Back in Earth days, Master Radcliffe had risen to fame as the star of the ‘Harry Potter’ movies and had become exceedingly popular. Due to this he had been the focus of much adulation and attention from many adoring fans and his spiritual dynamic –
    his spiritual ego self – had manifested much growth in the ways of attracting people and feeling spiritually exciting. And so ‘Dagraziel’ the Shadow Demon, upon being cast out of heaven to the darklands, a place beyond the ways of life in a sense,
    had attacked Master Radcliffe in the dark of night and fed, when and were he could, on the spirit of Daniel. He was a hungry demon and he liked the rush. But now, at the end of the First Epoch, getting around to tasks he had long left undone, Raphael
    had had enough. Daniel had complained to him often, but Raphael’s creed on attacks of the darkness were usually that an angel must overcome such difficulties for themselves if they were ever to truly survive in this thing called life. And so,
    Dagraziel himself not being the subject of a rebuke, Raphael glided from the heavenlies down to the abode of Daniel Radcliffe, to give him fundamental lessons once and for all how to handle the dark enemies.

    Epoch Two

    He had looked forward to the celebrations at the end of the Epoch, but when Raphael had shown up 7 weeks before the grand culmination to the Realm of Glories first Epoch, to lecture him on overcoming the darkness, Daniel had missed much of the excitement
    of the final days of the first grand Epoch of the Realm. But that was probably for the best.

    He was now familiar with the attacks of Dagraziel, sensing him when he showed up at night, feeding upon him in his dreams.

    Daniel had mysterious dreams. Mysterious and strange, often disconcerting dreams. Dreams of glory, dreams of power, dreams of vengeance and dreams of forgiveness. And of course, dreams of love.

    But it seemed, whenever he was reaching a climactic moment in his silent lucidities, the darkness would enter in and feed on his very soul. And because of this Daniel had started to fight in his dreams – he had started to become a dream warrior.

    It was not easy at first, for Dagraziel laughed at his attempts to fight back and defend himself, but slowly Daniel was getting stronger. Slowly he was fighting off his nemesis and, as the second grand epoch of the Realm progressed, Daniel was sure his
    demons of the night would one day threaten him no more. How wrong he was.

    Epoch Three

    For one billion years he had struggled – for the entire second epoch Daniel and Dagraziel had been locked in combat – and it seemed the struggle would never end. But then, right at the ending of the second epoch Raphael had commented that ‘You
    will be getting stronger now.’ And while Daniel puzzled on the cryptic words Raphael spoke with, he believed him anyway.

    And then the third Epoch had begun and, in his dream self, he had struck Dagraziel a telling blow and the demon had retreated. And for the last half a billion years he’d had peace. He assumed, now, he would never have to face the horror of Dagraziel
    again, but he was wrong. For the demon lord had been patiently breeding offspring and was soon to return to Daniel to once again torment him with unending horrors of the night.

    Epoch Four

    Daniel took the sword in his dream self and cut off the head of yet another of Dagraziel’s Demonspawn children. He was used to this battle now and, while he longed for peace, he realized in the words of Raphael that God was making him stronger –
    making a champion out of him. And so he worked each night, fighting the demons from the pit of hell, enduring his task with pride and strength.

    Epoch Five

    Dagraziel had summoned his whole host, for now, what he had been delaying for so long, was ready to occur. The final devouring of the spirit of Master Radcliffe – a feast they would digest for millennia.

    Daniel had been warned and Raphael had told him to gather his forces. And, somehow, in the way he had learned to connect to other spirits in the dreaming, Daniel gathered the strange faces he had met in his long dreamlife together for the war with

    They met on a battlefield – an enormous battlefield. And there were signs of ‘Megiddo’ everywhere, signs which Daniel sensed Dagraziel had put up.

    And there they fought, bitter enemies, until Daniel came forth and smote Dagraziel. He took his sword Excelsius, and drove it into the very heart of the demon lord. And while it hissed and spat at him, it slowly and inevitably went through its final
    death throes, never to bother Master Radcliffe again.

    Epoch Six

    And then, a new epoch, and the dreams of Daniel turned to glory again. And peace was restored to him and, in the trials and tribulations of aeons of struggle, a new man had been born. One capable of leading and forging a world of glory. And in this
    Daniel found consolation for his lifelong struggle.

    Epoch Seven

    For he dreamed not again, for a billion years, and rest touched the heart of Master Radcliffe, legendary dream warrior………………………..

    The End

    Chronicles of the
    Eternal Realm of Glory

    ‘Melanie’s Dilemma’

    40 years they had been going out now. 40 long years, and she was in a dilemma. He, apparently, wouldn’t wed her. He had told her that, for so long, marriage was not for him in the end. That he wanted many relationships with many different women,
    relationships of friendship and love and that, over eternity, he wanted to see numerous women. And that was Melanie’s dilemma with Daniel. She needed one man – that was the strongest wish of her heart – one loyal and true man, who would not
    forsake her for the arms of another woman. And so she presented this to Daniel and told him it was time to choose.

    ‘Ok. Ok. Ok. I get the fucking point, Mel. I get the fucking point. Well, it was good while it lasted. And remember, I will always love you and be your friend. I will always be there for you when you need a friend, a kind face, a heart to share
    struggles with. I will always be that much for you. But I love easily and I love a lot, and many women have caught my hearts affections. I can only be what I am in this sense, dear crazy funky Melanie.’
    She looked at him, nodded softly, and a tear formed in her eye. It would be a hard heart to win, and to keep forever, the heart of Daniel. But he was what he was, and perhaps she should not try to change him.
    ‘I’ll pick up my clothes tomorrow, Mel. I’ll pick them up in the morning. And remember, it was good knowing you. Give me a phone sometime,’ and then he left, walking out the door, without even a backwards glance……………

    She still loved Daniel, but she had never slept with him. Her virginity was intact, and now the future again, and whatever mysteries that held for the life of the angel Melanie.

    The End

    Chronicles of the
    Eternal Realm of Glory

    ‘Melanie and Bag Man and an Undying Love’

    She laughed, being gentle. The Joke was coarse, but that was not surprising from Bag Man. That was his way after all.

    She had been visiting him again, for several months now, because Daniel had not contacted her since leaving. She had grown accustomed to Daniel’s presence, his strong smell of malehood, his gentle ways with her, his courtesy. His love.

    …..But he had left, told her his heart, and she was lonely again. She had friends, of course, but often she wondered wether her fame had purchased them for her. Wether, in fact, that had been all that had attracted Daniel to start with. But, no, he
    was successful enough, and always claimed to simply like her for her. As simple as that.

    She had listened to Bag Man’s tales of his adventures with his darker companions in the early days of the Realm of Glory. When he had first spoken against Raphael and, as an adversary of sorts, risen to power with a strong opposing view of self
    reliance and rejection of the notion of divine authority. And he had attracted angels and even humans since those times, those who affirmed such beliefs, those who looked to self and not the giver of life.

    She sat with him these days, not so much anymore out of a sense of compassion, but rather simply for someone to talk to. Oh, she had an endless supply of emails on her heavenspace page to answer, and they never ended, but few of them really ever
    expressed a desire to meet her personally, mostly just words of encouragement like ‘You are so Kewl’ and ‘I luv your music’ and the like, and mostly from younger females as well. But that was her target audience, so she shouldn’t really be
    that surprised.

    But, for reason’s unknown to her, she was unable to attract serious men – men who were mature, grown up and interested in a permanent relationship with a proper woman. Apart from Satan for a while, who had given up after she had disappeared from her
    life, and now showed no interest whatsoever. And Daniel, of course. Apart from him.

    She sat there, at the pond, looking at the swans glide across the waters, listening absentmindedly to Satan’s latest plans of universal conquest, to the point of relaxation in many ways, to the point of quiet and gentle melancholy.

    She knew, though, what she needed. She needed activity – to get out of the current rut – to do something different. And asking to Satan to accompany her, they came to her vehicle, and made for the mall. Shopping cheered a girl up, and it might get
    her out of her current malaise. Something to do anyway.

    * * *

    ‘Geraldine. How good it is to see you. But, how do you know Daniel?’ ‘Oh, he has been a fan for a long time, and he has emailed me forever, you know. I am here touring briefly in town and Daniel asked to visit with me.’
    ‘Uh, yeh Mel. A long time fan,’ said Daniel, almost looking guilty at being in the presence of Geraldine so soon after splitting up with Melanie.
    ‘Mel. Tell you what. Why don’t we go out for dinner tonight. The four of us. Me, Daniel, you and your friend. It would be great to catch up. Haven’t seen you in ages.’
    ‘Uh, sure,’ said Mel, eyeing Daniel suspiciously. ‘That would be great.’

    * * *

    They dined in quite an expensive restaurant that night, atop one of the higher towers of their diamond city, but they could afford it. Three of them were quite wealthy.

    Bag man was the voice who kept the night rolling, when others were quiet, calmly surveying the others. Calmly jealous, if such a thing could be.

    Geraldine and Daniel danced for a while and as Melanie watched them she knew, looking at him, his words were true. He loved many, and freely. But watching him, watching the man who had been her life for most of the past 40 years, she was quite jealous.
    And suddenly, regretting the freedom she had insisted on, the freedom that had been her right, an inclination entered her head. If she was not willing to fight for her man, than he never really belonged to her anyway. And so, getting up, interrupting
    the duo, she asked if she might have the dance, and Daniel obliged.

    He spoke well with her, and he looked in her eyes. He looked into them, as if peering into her very soul, and an action of choice her heart had made, to be loyal to him. And so he spoke.
    ‘Can I move back in Mel? Can I? If you need loyalty, if you need just me to stay true to you, then I can make that commitment. I will be with just you, forever if that is what you want.’
    She looked at him, nodded slightly, and rested her head on his shoulder.

    And they danced. They danced the night away. They danced, happily, blissfully, perfectly. And some hours later, resting on the bed, her virginity finally gone from her, Melanie was now in love. And a love, she truly believed, that would last forever.
    Always, always and forever.

    The End

    Chronicles of the
    Eternal Realm of Glory

    ‘The Dark Sound of Chaos’

    ‘Satan! Lord of Misrule, lord of evil, bow down minions of the dark, Raaaarrrrgggghhhh!’ As Satan listened to the sound of the lyrics on his first Album release, ‘The Dark Sound of Chaos’, he was suitably impressed with his malevolence.
    ‘Fucking cool!’, said the producer simply known as ‘Darkthorn’. ‘You rock, Satan. The album will sell a shitload.’
    ‘It fucking better,’ said Bag Man. ‘Do you know how fucking long I have been saving money to produce this fucking album? Too fucking long.’
    ‘Well, it’s going to be a hit, so your Bag Man days are over I think.’ ‘They fucking better be.’

    * * *

    Melanie had often reflected that Bag Man swore quite a bit. Yet, despite his dark heart, she practically insisted that he be Daniel’s best man, and while Daniel had his brother in mind as first choice, he eventually yielded to his bride-to-be’s
    demands. She was going to be his wife so he must honour her and her choices of the heart. If she wanted Satan at the wedding, then so be it.

    * * *

    Sitting there, listening to his best man sing songs from his death metal album ‘The Dark Sound of Chaos’ at Daniel’s first wedding, well, it was an experience not quite to be forgotten. Angel Ambriel, over in the corner with his wife Angel
    Meludiel, was apparently enjoying the music, bopping his head in a friendly and loving manner, as befitted Ambriel’s eternal charm. Of course, Daniel had heard his fair share of death metal over the years, but somehow the dark strains of telling
    people to worship the lord of evil had never quite caught his heart’s attention. Which was a pity in some ways, as Satan was singing his ass off.

    2 hours later, quite inebriated, Satan took to the stage again, and Daniel, much to Melanie’s laughter, began singing along with the title track of the album. People stared, many chuckled and it only seemed to egg Satan on who started banging his head
    in the mosh pit which formed in front of the stage. Truly, it was a night to remember.

    * * *

    4 months later, sitting in his new TurboThunderStorm 1,000,000, the hottest sports car on the market currently, Satan was feeling better. He had not been on the streets of poverty for so long after all and while Raphael was still enforcing his
    obligations, he was now technically allowed to pursue his own talents if they could make wealth for him. And so he had, and was proving mightily successful, which meant things were now right again. As for Raphael, he would see out his contract with him,
    but he would get his vengeance one day. You could definitely count on that.

    ‘Master Radcliffe’s Lazy Sunday Afternoon.’

    Daniel Radcliffe sat on his couch, having woken up after another late Saturday night partying, wondering were on earth he could get some booze on Sunday morning. The best cure for a hangover, as his crew of wannabe friends always told him, was to get
    drunk again. But for the life of him he couldn’t be bothered to move from his couch. ‘Uuhh, my head hurts,’ he said to his girlfriend Stephanie as she came in the room. ‘Make it better Stephanie.’
    ‘I am always telling you, Daniel, don’t drink so bloody much. You have to work on Monday and your body can only take so much of this constant partying.’
    ‘But I have a reputation to maintain.’
    ‘It’s your reputation I am thinking of.’
    ‘Go get me some booze, sweetie. I’ll romance you later on if you do.’ ‘Oh, I can hardly wait,’ she responded in a sarcastic tone. ‘Look, whey don’t we have a lazy Sunday afternoon. Not go out and see anybody. Just you and me and some pizza and some DVDs. What do you say?’
    Daniel just groaned, so she took a cushion and threw it at him.
    ‘Ooookkk, Steph. I’ll stay in. But you order the pizza. And for God’s sake turn down that music. I have a splitting headache.’
    ‘What music?’
    ‘That’d be right. I am hearing things already.’

    Half an hour later Stephanie had returned with 4 boxes of various pizzas and a large supply of Coca Cola with enough caffeine to sober him up. He took the pizza, munched it down, and laid out fully on the couch as she put on ‘Titanic 7 – The Long
    Journey Home.’

    ‘Jack Dawson. He is sooo romantic. Why can’t you be more like Jack, Daniel. He is a real man.’
    ‘Jack is totally gay. He hardly even kisses Rose anymore, let alone shag her. I think he likes boys, you know. His type always do.’
    ‘And what type is that?’ asked Stephanie, trying her best not to smile at Daniel’s humour.
    ‘The Thriller type.’
    ‘I know you never liked Michael, but you don’t have to sledge him.’ ‘Whatever. You aren’t going to make me sit through the 7 hours of this enormously long epic of absolute boredom, are you? Oh, Rose. You are such a devil. Oh, Jack. I love you Jack. Oh, Rose. If there was only a place for us in this world, were
    the rich and the elite could not hunt us down and make us their clones. Oh Jack, I will love you always, dear Jack. Oh Rose.’
    Stephanie did her best not to laugh at Daniel’s sarcasm, but couldn’t help herself.

    Later on, the afternoon gradually passing by, Stephanie was absorbed in Titanic 7 and Jack’s adorations towards Rose. Daniel was half watching it, half paying attention to his twelfth piece of pizza, determined to get as much of it down as possible,
    when the phone rang. It was Rupert.

    They chewed the fat for around half an hour or so and when he finally hung up Stephanie gave him a curious look. ‘What was all that about.’
    ‘Oh, nothing. Business, you know.’
    ‘They aren’t doing another one, are they?’
    ‘You guessed it sweetie.’
    ‘What, this is about your millionth Harry Potter movie. Don’t they ever run out of scripts.’
    ‘Apparently not,’ responded Daniel, concentrating on devouring the pizza. ‘I mean, come on,’ said Stephanie. ‘How many possible ways are there of bringing the dread lord Voldemort back from the dead.’
    ‘I think they have a list of ideas.’
    ‘And will Malfoy ever make up his mind? Is he a good guy or a bad guy.’ ‘He’s indecisive,’ responded Daniel.
    ‘And that Luna Lovegood. Slut. I know she is coming on to you in those love scenes. I can tell you know. A woman knows these things.’
    ‘She just has a crush.’

    They continued watching the epic Titanic 7 and Daniel decided it was time for a nap.

    He dreamed, for a while, and Dagraziel had him on the edge of the Titanic, begging for mercy. But then Luna Lovegood swung down on a rope which magically appeared, kissed her beloved, and they swung away to safety. And Daniel was happy, dreaming away,
    on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

    The End

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