• In the Expanding World

    From Noahide@21:1/5 to All on Tue Feb 9 14:29:50 2021
    Dear El Shaddai God Almighty
    In the Expanding World of this Adventing World to Come
    the New Continents are Simply Settled by Humanity in
    General as they Come Along. There is no specific program
    for what they become as a Continent Nation or Division
    of Nations. This could come along gradually with the ongoing
    provision by yourself of new continents. In time special
    interest groups will be interested in obtaining continents
    for Cultural Creation Projects. The prayers for COAAOD
    by Hugh Cook and other prayers would function within
    a Cultural Creation Project, worked towards by the interested
    Parties you are putting together on this project through
    the work of your spirit in relation to the prayer for the project.
    Ad Hoc is a keyword.

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