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    It's about being on the edge - and living the dream - and going for the glory - and risking it all - and doing amazing things - and being someone everybody is in awe of - and being the absolute - and being all things to all people - and walking with the
    glory on high - and being cutting edge - and being simply fantasmagorical. Now here are the 12 Commandments:

    1) Inspire everyone with words of 'You are one cool dude'.
    2) Motivate everyone with words of 'You rock babe'.
    3) Encourage everyone with words of 'You rule my world dear'.
    4) End all suffering in the world with the good deed of giving a thumbs up to everyone.
    5) Smile at all and Sundry.
    6) Take every moment to Glorify the Creator Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh with the words of praise 'God, you are Intense.'
    7) Haters gonna hate, but tell them 'You know, there is nobody quite like you.'
    8) Respect the peoples stuff.
    9) Harm not a soul, and pray they make it with the Big Kahuna
    10) Enjoy nature and think 'Peace' to all Animalkind
    11) Eat good foods, drink good drinks, and celebrate with a party of love.
    12) Be cool.

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