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    Chapter Six
    (Written Monday 19th of April & Friday 23rd of April 2010 AD/CE)

    This morning I have been working on my family tree, getting all the information out of my mother Mary. I want to ensure I get all the details I can in case anything unfortunate happens to her before time.

    Here is an interesting genealogy, with sources, from internet records I have put together. From 105 back to 87 is Very Highly reliable, being part of the records of ancient Ireland which were carefully kept. Going from 87 back to 37 & 36 is reasonable
    data in my opinion. That Niall of the Nine hostages goes back to Milesius is commonly held to. From 37 back to 13 is questionable, but is the only data we have. Nennius table of nations, from my mind, may have been written by himself simply because of
    the popularity of the biblical genealogies, and 37 back to 13 which is from this source is highly questionable because of it. The names may be genuine to some degree (Perhaps he drew on traditional names floating around the nations) it is questionable on
    authenticity, and is probably reactionary to the Christian faith and demand, but it is all we have so I place it (as others do) as our official genealogy back to Adam and Eve, but held with a degree of suspicion. Whatever else, the amount of names going
    back to Adam is about the right amount historically. I was watching Benny Hinn this morning and they talked about Schizophrenia. The doctor who was on the show had been involved with research into the condition and claimed it was a lack of ‘Niacin’
    in the diet which caused the lack of Brain nutrition, leading to the voices and schizophrenic symptoms. Vitamin D was called necessary to help improve people with this condition. I ate a lot of breakfast cereal when I was growing up, often twice a day,
    but this disappeared in my early 20s, when the depression entered in and the schizophrenia followed the depression. If what this doctor says is true, then my lifestyle choices fit the pattern. I will be trying Niacin for a while from now on and will let
    you know if my schizophrenic symptoms improve.

    * * *

    I have been buying a lot of books and trading cards recently. When I am unwell I am unfortunately in the habit of destroying some of my possessions, and have lost many things because of it. But I have been praying recently that God would help me not to
    destroy my possessions and would cure me of schizophrenia. I think, with the new Vitamin D information, perhaps he has. Anyway, currently my bookcase is full of books, paperback and hardback, fiction and non-fiction, and I have a lifetime of reading
    ahead of me. I am also going to be collecting things like: CDs, Records, Trading Cards, Comics, China, Books, Stamps & Coins. I like collecting things, but presently finding room for them is starting to become a problem. I have resorted to purchasing
    large plastic boxes and storing things under the house. When I was in my teens living at 6 Bradley Street in Cooma I was given some fantasy books by a friend of the family, Gerard Bryant. David Eddings ‘Pawn of Prophecy’ was amongst them, and was the
    second fantasy book I read after ‘The Twilight Realm’. My favourite genre of fiction is usually fantasy, followed by Science Fiction. However, my own saga about Angels with the term ‘Angelic Spiritual Fiction’ would now be my favourite genre of
    fiction, and the stuff I enjoy writing the most and reading about. I am really hoping that my work ‘The Chronicles of the Children of Destiny’ becomes the ‘Lord of the Rings’ of Angelic Fiction. Fingers crossed. Strangely, when I was very young,
    living in Berridale in NSW in Australia where I was brought up, I seem to remember something about an angel called ‘Ramiel’ for some strange reason. It is quite possibly just my extensive imagination in rethinking about my past youth, but that angel
    name rings a bell for some strange reason. I do remember we had rosary group meetings back at our Berridale house when I was very young, and perhaps the Angel’s name was mentioned then. Or, perhaps, I had angels talking to me when I was very young, and
    my mother often said that ‘Do you remember playing with the Angels?’ referring to before I was born. I had a dream about that recently, a dream which gave me the impression it was referring to a time before my birth, when I was in heaven. I was
    living in Cooma, of all places, and attended St Pats school, and was learning things. The dream seemed to be a flashback of my time in heaven, and I remember in the dream certain memories in my mind ‘Clicking’ to what the dream was showing. They
    seemed to be part of my inner memories, part of the very fabric of my being. Interestingly in my dream one of the Nuns told me ‘Your mother is going somewere and won’t be coming back,’ which the dream communicated to me as my mother going off to be
    born into the physical earth. I was at school with my St Pats school-friends in the dream, and I believe now that there is a world of dreaming, a world of heaven, which precedes all of our lives before earth, and which seems to follow it as well. Talking
    of dreams, for a number of recent years, tapering off after I prayed to God about it, I was having the most intense of dreams, ones in which I often felt like I was really alive in them, and they were so very real. I often tried to make the dreams last
    as long as they could, refusing to wake up in my dreams. I remember many scenes from many of my dreams, and I have dreamed about many celebrities funnily enough, as well as family and friends and many other faces I don’t yet recognize. Daniel’s are
    really supposed to have vivid dreams, and they are supposed to be interpreted by us as well. That is the gift of the book of Daniel for those who bear this name. Further, Daniel’s are supposed to be judges because Daniel means ‘Judge of God’ which
    means ‘God’s appointed Judge’ (To Judge others, not meaning Judging God himself).
    That’s all for now. I will write more later.
    The End of Chapter Six

    Chapter Seven
    (Written Saturday the 24th of April 2010 CE/AD)

    I have decided in the last few days to try and keep a more comprehensive journal/autobiography on a far more regular basis. I want to record all the various activities I get up to so that in latter years for myself and any interested parties they can get
    a very detailed account of my life. Yesterday I was down at Chess for the Leisure Activities run by Mental Health Tuggeranong. The people who attend the various activities usually suffer from Mental Illnesses such as Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Schizo-
    effective disorder and Schizophrenia. This seems to be the general type of disorders they deal with for MHT. Conversations centre around a range of subjects, but naturally medication and the conditions are often talked about. Currently Risperdal and
    Seraquel are talked about as commonly used drugs by various people in the centre, and I am currently on a Risperdal Consta (injection) of 50 mg over every 2 weeks. When I first started on the medication back in the 1990s, first using Olanzapine from
    memory, I was on tablets. However I was never faithful to the tablets, as I couldn’t find consistency in taking them, and was hospitalized for my psychotic attacks a number of times. Eventually they put me on injections, and they have worked much
    better and I find it easier to remember getting a fortnightly injection as it is less often. I am reasonably ok at Chess, and have played it for many years. In fact, way back in Berridale when I was very young I remember my father Cyril teaching me the
    game and playing it with me. I used to play with Matthew to start with (I think) but definitely with Gregory over the years as we grew up. Greg has also become quite good at the game. Greg had a book called ‘The Chess Player’s Bible’ which Matt
    borrowed, but when Greg moved to Perth with Christie after selling their Calwell house just recently, he left the book behind with Matt and Matt didn’t want it so I asked Greg if I could have it and he gave it to me. Fortunately it is a good book and I
    am gradually learning strategy from it. I also had a big chess book given to me for either a birthday or Christmas present when I was younger, and I never really studied it in youth, apart from what they called ‘Pitfall number one’ which gave me a
    basic strategy to get a quick checkmate. But it only works against new players as experienced players spot it pretty quickly. I had a really nice chess set when I was a kid with big carved out pieces, which I managed to get from SVDP in Cooma were Dad
    worked and mum occasionally did volunteer work. Unfortunately I left it behind one time at a Galong spiritual retreat which Mum and Dad took the family on to the Catholic Monastery in Galong NSW (Up Past Yass). I recall going at least twice to this place
    I think, and one of the times I saw the movie ‘Highlander’ which became my favourite movie as a kid. In fact it was Troy Bobbin who took some of the kids to rent a video and I chose Highlander. Troy later became a priest and I was at his ordination.
    And when I was very young at a SVDP Camp on a property near Jerangle Troy Bobbin was an older boy who befriended me and we did an ‘Act’ together in the ‘Talent Night’ with another guy. It was a great camp and we played ‘Spotlight’ on one of
    the nights, with a torch out on the grass at night, with the object to make it down the grass to the base without being seen. I can’t remember for sure if I made it all the way down or not. I also remember walking to a river from the property. I
    remember asking ‘How long it would take us’ and was told it was one mile to the river and would take us about an hour, which was accurate. There was also a room which had people writing over the wall there names and band names and things like that,
    and I am pretty sure I remember writing ‘The Village People’ because along with Abba and Kiss they were about the only bands I had heard about at the time. I think a lot of the kids wrote about ‘Kiss’ on the wall, as they were a big thing at the
    time. I remember we had hot Milo for supper after dinner, and we slept in dorms. We had a big ‘Envelope’ hunt and I found a lot of them, and when they gave out awards at the end of the time there I was called ‘The great Envelope Hunter’ or
    something like that. It was mostly kids from Canberra and Queanbeyan and other regions who were on the camp, but I went with some other kids from my family. We also used to play in a hayshed on the hay, but I spotted a spider on the wall, and they took
    us out. But I later went and looked at the spider and it was dead so we started playing there again. I remember we were walking on a road and someone tuned in a radio and said ‘We have 2XL’ which was and still is the Cooma radio station. And I
    remember when I got there looking in my bag and looking at my socks and my bathroom items, as mum always had a toothbrush and toothpaste and soap put aside for us when we went on camps. This camp was in the 1980s while we were living in Cooma, and
    probably the mid to early 1980s. Anyway, I remember visiting an elderly lady in Cooma East which my mother knew and we played on my elaborate chess set. I won the game, but she had confused the Queen for the Bishop in the set, which is why I probably won.
    But I was so young and ambitious back then that I wouldn’t have let her take the move back probably – I have softened, though, but still have a degree of that attitude in me. Yesterday I got to chess in the morning. Adrian Harry Chan (I found out
    his middle name was Harry recently, and at the pool on Thursday, the day before yesterday, I have been teasing him calling him ‘Harry Potter’ and making wizard jokes) is the guy who picks me up in the MHT Van to take me to Swimming on Thursday
    afternoons and Chess on Friday mornings. I go each week and he usually picks me up around 10 to 11 in the morning, as sometimes he is early and sometimes a bit later. I played one game of chess with a guy called ‘Roary’ and I just lost, but it was a
    close game. Later I played Scrabble with Rebecca Hill and Tony Beer and another guy called Shane. It was the first time I had played Scrabble in the group, and they have been playing it for years, but I am not usually interested in Scrabble. I was trying
    hard in the game to win, and fortunately got my letters out in the end before the others, so ended up winning, to which I was grateful. But I probably won’t play scrabble that much more any more – it doesn’t usually interest me a great deal. I knew
    Rebecca Hill before getting involved with the MHT leisure program activities, having remembered her face from visits to Vision Pentecostal Christian Fellowship, were she attends, in Fyshwick. I couldn’t actually remembered were I first place her, but
    when we started talking for the first time and she mentioned Vision I knew it had been there were I had seen her. Rebecca works in Parliament House in Canberra in the mail room I think. She is in her mid 20s. Tony is in his 50s I think and no longer
    works. I receive the Disability Support Pension from Centrelink and a lot of people who attend the activities are also on the DSP, but not everyone. Names I know well now from the programs are ‘Rebecca Hill’, ‘Tony Beer’, ‘Marcus CCC’, ‘
    Marcus Low’, ‘Alun Dorahy’, ‘Michael Laird’, ‘Matthew Sanderson’, ‘Steve Mansfield’, ‘Jenny Cutting’, ‘Tania’ , ‘Elizabeth’, ‘Scott’, ‘Des’, ‘Rodney’, ‘Isaac’, ‘Kevin’, ‘Richard Glinka’, ‘Andrew
    Wojick’, ‘Richard’, and the workers ‘Carmel’ and ‘John’ and ‘Laura’ and ‘Adrian Chan’. They are all nice people and I am slowly developing some good friendships amongst them. Yesterday, though, I surfed the internet as they have a
    PC for the centre with internet access which I use quite often. I don’t have the internet connected at home at the moment, so use it in the library, in the hyperdome and at the centre mostly, as well as at some places in Civic occasionally. Apart from
    that I chatted a bit. I also printed off ‘I Love You, Always and Forever’, which is a short story I wrote the day before (Thursday Night) for Marcus CCC, dedicating it to him. Marcus CCC is a very generous and kind person and has been shouting me
    meals for a few weeks at some Tuggeranong Restaurants simply because he is so generous and I usually spend my money of my allowance all on the Thursday I get it, rarely trying to make it last for the fortnight. I told him I need to shout him as well but
    he asked ‘Just dedicate a Noahide Books story to me’ so I wrote it out and printed off 3 copies yesterday. Carmel, Matthew Sanderson, Rebecca Hill and Marcus read the story yesterday and they all liked it, getting some smiles about the second Marcus.
    Of course, this is the story in the previous chapter of this autobiography. Carmel had been speaking over the last little while about some tickets to Canberra Raiders football matches she had been able to acquire. She rang up the raiders and told them
    she wanted some free tickets for the leisure program and they were happy enough to provide her with 4 tickets for each match to various matches. I wanted 3 copies of the up coming Bulldogs match (as I have gone for the Bulldogs, I am pretty sure, since
    the late 1970s when living in Berridale) but Paul McNally from the programs, who is also a big Bulldogs fan claimed two of them. But I decided to take the two anyway. Last year me, my brother Gregory and my brother in law Alan and his son Ronan, all of
    us being Bulldogs fans, went to the match between the Bulldogs and the Raiders, which the Bulldogs thankfully won. It was the third Rugby League ARL/NRL match I had ever been to, the previous two being the same lineup, Raiders versus Bulldogs at Bruce
    Stadium in Belconnen. Third time is the charm, because the Bulldogs lost the first two matches I saw live, but we won the third one I saw. Anyway, Greg is now in Perth so I don’t need the fourth ticket, but I really wanted a third for young Ronan. We
    have decided (as I rang Alan just this morning) to try and get a ticket for Ronan in the same section as ourselves on one of the next numbers, as soon as the tickets go on sale to the general public. If we can’t get one near us I will simply buy any
    child’s ticket, and he can sit on Alan’s knee (which Alan suggested). It should be a good enough solution. But the tickets were free so I can’t complain. I am looking at the tickets right now and they are ‘Section Bay 14, Row PP, Seats 25 & 26’.
    They have the dates of Friday 25 – Monday 28 Jun 2010 on them because I think the Raiders don’t set the date till closer to the time, but Alan says (after looking the match up online) that it is for the Monday Night, the 28th of June. When I was a
    kid back in the very early 1980s and late 1970s I went for the Bulldogs always as my first time, but because Newtown Jets were also in blue (navy blue I think) I went for them as my second team. They left the competition after 1981 I think, but I found
    out they were in the Metropolitan cup as it was called, and are now still a team in the NSWRL competition, and I support them as my second team. Just a few years ago I decided the Raiders would be my third team as I was naturalized an Australian Citizen
    in Canberra, so I now go for the Canberra Raiders as my third Rugby League team in Australia. Of course, I go for the two Hull teams in the Super League competition in England. And I am anxiously waiting on the final 4 games of the Premier League Soccer
    competition in England, because I support the Hull City Tigers and they are third last at the moment, facing relegation. They only made it to the Premier League for the first time ever 2 years ago, after having been a club for over 100 years in the lower
    grade competitions. But they rose a lot in the last few years, having come from the fourth division of the overall competition (Ie Premier, Champions, I think 1st division and then 2nd division this being the fourth division I am talking about) and
    rising all the way up to Premier league in about 6 or 7 years. But they are finding Premier League challenging, as it should be. They are an ok side though, and even if they return to Champions next year, I think they have an excellent chance of
    returning to Premier League the following season. I go for the ‘Hull Ionian’s’ Rugby Union side, but haven’t gotten around to viewing the website that much, but intend to. I follow the English Cricket side very passionately and might finally see
    some of my first Test Match this year in the up and coming Ashes series against the Aussies in Australia. England currently holds the Ashes winning the last series in England 2 – 1 in 2007, but I don’t expect it to be an easy fight in the up and
    coming series. England will have to fight like hell to beat the Aussies in Australia, but I am hoping and praying for the best of results for us. I chose some Aussie Rules sides from the competitions apart from the VFL when I was a kid, and I still
    support ‘Glenelg’ in the South Australian competition and ‘Subiaco’ in the Western Australian competition. They will likely always be the teams I support in those competitions. In Australian basketball I went for the Canberra Cannons in the NBL,
    but they haven’t been in it for a while. But I won’t choose another side, and will support any future Canberra team, hopefully still called the Canberra Cannons. In the Super 14 Rugby Union competition I support the ACT Brumbies as my first team, but
    support the 3 other Aussie sides (NSW, Queensland and the Western Force) in all their games against the Kiwi and the South African Rugby Union sides. I think this year an Australian team might just win the competition. In the local ACTAFL competition I
    go for Queanbeyan, because when I was younger they were called the ‘Queanbeyan Honey Bunny Tigers’ because ‘Honey Bunny’ were their sponsors I guess. But I won’t change my team of choice, even though I will now go for Tuggeranong as my second
    team in the ACTAFL. In the Canberra Rugby Union competition I go for the Tuggeranong Vikings, and I support Tuggeranong in the Canberra Rugby League competition (I think they are called the Buffaloes). In the big AFL competition I have gone for Hawthorn
    since the early 1980s and will always have them as my number one team. Speaking of the Canberra Cannons, Phil Smythe was my favourite Basketball player as a Kid and he played for the Cannons for years, but then went off to the Adelaide 36ers. Anyway,
    from the free-throw line he hardly ever missed and I thought he was great. He wasn’t a tall player, but was pretty good. I remember he came to St Pats High when I was a kid and was showing us basketball tips. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him, but
    I was pretty chuffed in having seen him. I actually played basketball for St Pats in Primary school but only played a few games. I don’t think we ever won, and I was hopeless. I think I wore a red t shirt with number 15 on it. We were slaughtered once
    about 55 nil, but only had a few players on the team as the rest of the team hadn’t shown up. It was up at the Cooma basketball stadium, just up near the old St Pats infant school near the Snowy Hydro Electric Corporation, not far from were I lived.
    Right next to it is the Indoor Cricket centre were I played in the 1989 competition with my gang team and we won the B grade competition and I was selected to play in the A Grade comp that day. Mum has gone off shopping with Brigid my sister this morning.
    Currently it is school holidays and Madalene and Jayden and Georgia are down at the Chakola farm with their father David. Mum usually goes shopping on Sunday after 10 am church with Trish Kirby. Trish has been a friend of the family for many years now,
    and probably mum’s best friend. She is a mature lady and teaches Catholic lessons to the school of religion I think it is, or perhaps RCIA or something like that. Mum also taught the kids in schools for a little while. Trish has a degree in Theology
    from Australian Catholic University at the Signadou Campus in Watson in North Canberra. I studied Primary Teaching there in the early 2000s, but only completed 3 quarters of my first year subjects, giving up on it. I convinced myself that I wasn’t
    going to give the kids my best effort, but I think I’d had enough of study by then. Rebecca Bourke was a girl who stood out in my studies at ACU and we did a project together and I visited her place once in Belconnen. She had a cat with one eye. I
    remember talking to her about Noahide faith a few times. Right at this moment I am listening to Delta Goodrem’s album, ‘Innocent Eyes’ and the song ‘Running Away’ is playing, which is track number 11. Delta’s boyfriend (they might now be
    married, but I am not sure) Brian McFadden currently has the number one song in Australia. The song is ok, but I don’t think it is that great, and I only think it is number one because of his relationship with Delta, as she is very popular in Australia.
    She had 4 number ones from her Innocent Eyes album, which was a record. I think it was Kylie Minogue who had the previous record with 3 number ones from her first album back in the 1980s. Because of my Schizophrenia I destroy things I own a lot when I
    am psychotic, but have been concentrating a lot and praying a lot for this to end. In my current CD collection at home I own:
    Delta Goodrem – Innocent Eyes
    Dio – The Very Beast of Dio
    Kelly Clarkson – One Minute CD Single
    Dream – He Loves U Not CD Single
    Cheryl Cole – 3 Words
    Kate Miller-Heidke – Curiouser
    Madonna – Something to Remember
    AC DC – Let there be Rock
    Billie Piper – Walk of Life
    Tina Arena – In Deep
    Cascada – Platinum
    I am hoping this CD collection now lasts, and the psychosis diminishes and I return to normal.
    Some of my very favourite Albums of all time (and I have listened to hundreds of them) are:
    Bon Jovi – New Jersey
    Bon Jovi – Slippery When Wet
    Def Leppard – Hysteria
    Madonna – Something to Remember
    Cheri Keaggy – Child of the Father
    Cheri Keaggy – My Faith will Stay
    DC Talk – Jesus Freak
    Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad
    Lisa Loeb – Tails
    Lisa Loeb – Firecracker
    Lisa Loeb – The Way it Really Is
    Kings X – Faith Hope Love
    Spice Girls – Greatest Hits
    Britney Spears – the Singles Collection
    AC DC – Back in Black
    Queensryche – Empire
    Helloween – Chameleon
    Helloween – Keeper of the 7 keys Part II
    Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark
    Boom Crash Opera – These Here are Crazy Times
    Queen – Absolute Queen
    Seal – Seal
    Jewel – Pieces of You
    Alanis Morisette – Jagged Little Pill
    Avril Lavigne – The Best Damn Thing
    Taylor Swift – Fearless
    Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway
    &many more
    I am catching up with my friends Chris White and Robert Preston tomorrow at Woden plaza food court at midday. I have known Chris and Rob since Potters house days in 1996 and while I see Rob every few weeks and have done ever since potters house days, I
    only catch up with Chris every year or so. But we speak a bit more often over the phone. Chris is married to an Asian lady named Ann who he met at a party. She was married at the time but had problems with her husband and I remember Chris saying she
    might divorce him, which she actually did and married Chris. Chris was dating another older Asian lady called Nim prior to this, but had problems with her. Chris likes to talk about issues relating to the book of Revelation in the New Testament, as does
    his twin brother Brenton who now lives in Townsville and works, I guess, still as a painter. Chris is a good guy, with a savage sense of humour, but is friendly and easy to get along with. We were going to live together briefly, but I had to pull out for
    personal reasons. Chris and Brenton are identical twins, but Brenton was in the habit of wearing a short beard so you could always tell them apart. Brenton also started using a diet shake or something like that and thinned down a lot, but Chris is still
    a little stocky like myself. I am currently 154 KGs, but hope to lose at least one kilo for my next weigh in with my mental health psychiatrist who weighs me when we meet up. I have been doing more exercise in the last few weeks and am being more
    faithful to it. I hope to get down to 153 or 152 and over the next few years intend to work carefully to eventually get under 100 KGs if I can. I am getting a bit more in control of my diet as a grow up and mature so things are looking good in the long
    term. Chris plays the keyboard somewhat and might be quite good by now. I started playing the keyboard seriously back in Lake Tuggeranong College were I studied music, and ended up composing a lot of my own basic classical pieces. We don’t have a
    keyboard at home anymore and when Greg moved to Perth he took his piano with him. But when I have access to a piano or keyboard I usually sit down and play an improvised piece – just messing around, which is all I really need to do anymore with it.
    Robert Preston is married to ‘Michelle’. They don’t have any kids together, but Robert has a daughter called ‘Rachael’ from a previous relationship, who now has a daughter of her own so Robert is now a Grandfather. Rob is about 40, just a few
    years older than me. He lives in Weston Creek. For years now we have been seeing each other every few weeks, and often go on outings. We used to go canoeing a lot when he had a canoe, but most of the time we head down to KFC in Tuggeranong or some other
    place for a meal and chat. He has helped me move my stuff a lot and is a good and faithful friend. Well, I have spoken about my dreams before, and I thought I would share some of the things I have dreamed about of famous people. Freddy Mercury from Queen
    singing a song ‘Life is Like a Jigsaw, It’s Unreal’, which he never sung on earth. Bon Jovi singing a song with the line ‘If the People say its alright, well its alright’ which they have never sung on earth. A Bon Jovi song which I now remember
    dreaming about before when I was a kid, from the New Jersey Era of songwriting, but which they never sang on earth. Queen singing a song ‘Queen says Fuck’ which they have never sung on earth. Def Leppard singing a song about me as Lucifer which they
    have never sung on earth. At least 2 other very cool Def Leppard videos I saw in my dreams, but the band on earth do not sing. In a dream snippets of a Kasey Chambers album, going quickly through many of the songs. They were very cool, but I don’t
    think she has released them on earth.
    Well, that is all for today. I hope to write again very soon.
    The End of Chapter Seven

    Chapter Eight
    (Written on Monday the Third of May & Tuesday the Fourth of May 2010 AD/CE)

    Here are some of my suggestions.
    Noahides (and everyone else for that matter) should strive to maintain permanent genealogical records. And with the advent of the online world and computer memory we have the ability to store practically endless amounts of information, meaning: People
    should take it as a lifelong obligation to keep a record of their life in autobiographical form and arrange for this to be kept permanently in the family record. A good idea is to arrange for a free www.angelfire.com or www.facebook.com or www.myspace.
    com website and put all your relevant information into these web-pages and arrange for your offspring to permanently have the password details for accessing these websites and maintaining these websites. These websites can in turn link to their offspring,
    and so on, for all future generations. It is also a good idea for all your life’s story to be placed on such websites for future generations to read about. Every child of Noah has an interesting life story and all peoples lives are worth reading about.
    I think it would be a good idea if the United Nations formed a worldwide family tree department and attempted to have as many willing nations contribute their genealogical records to form a permanent family tree for mankind. These should be kept in an
    online environment, accessible by the general public, with the opportunity for people to contribute their own autobiographical information as well as family photos and videos. I think this is an area of Government input which citizens would welcome and
    not object to paying tax dollars for the maintenance of. Wouldn’t it have been awesome growing up if you could have accessed an online database of your family tree and read about all the exploits of your great-great-great grandfather or your great-
    great-great-grandmother, and so on, all kept in an online autobiographical and biographical section. 4th of May It was raining this afternoon. Thunder was booming in long bursts at a distance, and lightning struck. I have always liked the rain – it
    brings forth feelings of security when locked inside my home, safe away from the harsher realities of the fury of nature.

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