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    (live 85)/Ghostrider In The Sky (alternate version 88)/
    Tainted Obligation (demo alternate version 84)/
    Losing My Religion (live in the studio 91)/
    Funtime Radar Love (live USA)

    "Hitting the Note" - Backstage Records (?)
    Recorded: ?
    Quality: ?
    Format: CD
    Released: ?
    Length: 60:16
    Notes: Contains Unplugged show and assorted live 89-93.
    Tracks: Perfect Circle/Low/Belong/Disturbance at the Heron
    House/It's the End of the World as we know it/Love is all
    around/Losing my religion/Fall on me/Radio song/?/Pop song '89/Summertime/Moon River/Dark globe/One/

    "It's REM Jim, But Not As We Know Them..." Tarantula (TNT 004/5 (Insert)) Recorded: ?
    Quality: ?
    Format: CD
    Released ?
    Notes: The catalog # on the CD and spine is TNT 006. "Where's
    Captain Kirk?" is from an AM broadcast,and is
    in mono.The other fan club singles sound much better
    on _Half A World Away Part One_. "Dallas" even has
    the Larry Groce guy doing the "You've been listening to
    Mountain Stage" voiceover. The second track listing below
    is how they are listed on the CD itself.
    Length: 74:34
    Tracks: Where's Captain Kirk?/Parade of the Tin (sic) Soldiers/
    See No Evil/Good King Wenceslas/Academy Fight Song/Spooky/
    Dallas/Half A World Away Out Of Time (sic)/Texakana (sic)/
    It's A Free World Baby/Low/Radio Song/Country Feedback/
    Losing My Religion/Near Wild Heaven/Shiny Happy People/
    Radio Song/Me In Honey/Everybody Hurts/Drive/
    Tracks: Where's My Log?/Wooden Soldiers/Evil, Where?/Wenceslas/ Academy/Spook/salad/Half/Texas/Free World/Lo!/Radio/
    Feedback/Lost God/N.W.H./Happy/Radio #2/Honey/
    Everybody Drives/

    "Radio Dreamtime" - Best Buy Records (010)
    Recorded: Recorded live in USA '93 (see Notes below)
    Quality: ?
    Format: ?
    Released: ?
    Notes: This is actually a compilation of 18 live cuts
    from the Green Tour, 40 Watt Club Gig, MTV, SNL, and
    God knows what else
    Tracks: Loosing (sic) my religion/?

    Section 2: Early R.E.M. Recording Sessions (1980-1985) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Date: late 1980
    Location: Tyrone's, Athens, GA
    Comments: first demos, recorded on Tyrone's' 4-track recorder, often mislabeled as "Garage demos," "Church demos" or "Atlanta demos"
    Tracks: Dangerous Times, All the Right Friends, Different Girl,
    Narrator, Just a Touch, Baby I, Mystery to Me,
    Permanent Vacation
    Availability: "Chronic Murmurings" bootleg LP, side 1 (all tracks)
    "Pretty Pictures" bootleg LP, side 4 (all except first track)

    Date: Feb. 8, 1981
    Location: Bombay Studio, Smyrna, GA
    Comments: 8-track recordings
    Tracks: Sitting Still, Radio Free Europe, Shaking Through,
    Gardening at Night, Mystery to Me, (Don't Go Back To) Rockville,
    Narrator, White Tornado
    Availability: availability unknown (_It Crawled..._ claims these have never surfaced)

    Date: April 15, 1981
    Location: Drive-In Studio, Winston-Salem, NC
    Comments: 16-track recordings, sometimes called "Dangerous" demos (because
    of the "Danger: Do Not Open" seal placed on the 400 demo
    cassettes mailed to record companies, music magazines, etc.)
    Tracks: Radio Free Europe, Sitting Still, White Tornado,
    Radio Free Dub (weird Mitch Easter Remix of RFE)
    Availability: The Hib-Tone single contains a 5/25/81 Jonny Hibbert remix of this session's "Radio Free Europe" backed with this session's
    version of "Sitting Still." Both sides of the single can also
    be found on the bootleg "Really Exciting Music" (side 1,
    tracks 5 & 6). "Eponymous" contains a Mitch Easter remix of
    this session's "Radio Free Europe." "Murmur" contains a
    slowed-down and remixed version of this session's "Sitting
    Still" (with backing vocals "repaired"). "Dead Letter Office"
    contains this session's "White Tornado." Finally, the bizarre
    "Radio Free Dub" can be found on the bootleg "Smokin' in the
    Boys' Room" (side 2, track 6).

    Date: October 2,3,4 & 7, 1981
    Location: Drive-In Studio, Winston-Salem, NC
    Comments: sessions originally planned for release on "Dasht Hopes" label Tracks: 1,000,000 (3 versions), Stumble (1 version), Gardening at
    Night (3 versions), Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars) (4 versions),
    Ages of You (1 version), Jazz Lips, Shaking Through (2 versions) Availability: one version of each of these tracks, with the exception of "Jazz Lips", can be found on the bootleg "Chronic Murmurings"
    (side 2) as can a 2nd version of "1,000,000" (side 4, track 4).
    "Jazz Lips" can be found on the bootleg flexi "Chestnut."
    The "Chronic Town" EP contains from this session "Stumble",
    one version of "1,000,000" and one version of "Gardening at
    Night" (with vocals replaced). "Eponymous" includes this same
    version of "Gardening at Night" but with the original vocal.

    Date: Jan. 27 & 28, 1982
    Location: Drive-In Studio, Winston-Salem, NC
    Comments: more "Dasht Hopes" sessions
    Tracks: Wolves, Lower (3 versions, all too fast), Carnival of Sorts Availability: one too-fast version of "Wolves, Lower" can be found on the bootleg "Chronic Murmurings." (side 4, track 3) The "Chronic
    Town" EP contains this session's version of "Carnival of Sorts

    Date: Feb. 1 & 2, 1982
    Location: RCA Studio C, New York
    Comments: often mislabelled "IRS demos." These tracks were also planned
    for release on "Dasht Hopes" label.
    Tracks: Laughing (1 take), Shaking Through (1 take),
    Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars) (1 take), Romance (3 takes),
    Wolves, Lower (3 takes), Stumble (1 take), Catapult (5 takes)
    Availability: one version of each can be found on the bootleg "Chronic Murmurings" (side 3, tracks 1-5 and side 4, tracks 1 & 2).
    The same tracks can be also found on the bootleg "Pretty
    Pictures" (side 3, tracks 1-7).

    Date: June 1, 1982
    Location: Drive-In Studio, Winston-Salem, NC
    Tracks: Wolves, Lower (slower version)
    Availability: This session's version of "Wolves, Lower" is the version released on the "Chronic Town" EP.

    Date: December, 1982
    Location: Reflection Sound Studio, Charlotte, NC
    Comments: trial session for "Murmur"; first 24-track recording
    Tracks: Pilgrimage
    Availability: This version of "Pilgrimage" was released on "Murmur"

    Date: January & February, 1983
    Location: Reflection Sound Studio, Charlotte, NC
    Comments: "Murmur" sessions.
    Tracks: All remaining "Murmur" tracks were recording during these
    sessions, along with "Ages of You," "Romance" and "Burning
    Down." In addition, the band recorded the following songs
    live to 2-track during these sessions: There She Goes Again,
    That Beat, Pretty Persuasion, All the Right Friends,
    Tighten Up, Moon River and White Tornado.
    Availability: "Dead Letter Office" contains this session's version of
    "Ages of You" (later remixed) as well as "There She Goes
    Again." Side 1 (tracks 1-5) of the bootleg "Pretty Pictures"
    contains "There She Goes Again," "That Beat," "All the Right
    Friends," "Tighten Up" and "Moon River", all from these
    sessions. Finally, the recent European reissue of the
    "Reckoning" CD contains this session's live-to-2-track
    recordings of "Pretty Persuasion," "Tighten Up," "Moon River"
    and "White Tornado." Availability of the versions of
    "Romance" (a 1986 re-recording of which was released on
    "Eponymous"), and "Burning Down" recorded during this
    session is unknown.

    Date: November 9, 1983
    Location: Rhythmic Studios, San Francisco, CA
    Comments: direct to digital 2-track recordings; "Reckoning" demos
    Tracks: 24 demos, all recorded in one day: That Beat, Walter's Theme, Walter's Bar-B-Q ad, Cushy Tush ad, Burning Down,
    All the Right Friends, Windout, Femme Fatale, Burning Hell,
    The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Skank, All the Right Friends,
    So. Central Rain, Letter Never Sent, Little America,
    Camera, Second Guessing (2 versions), Harborcoat,
    Seven Chinese Brothers, Just a Touch, Pretty Persuasion,
    Pale Blue Eyes and Time After Time.
    Availability: all available on bootleg cassette "We Got Rhythm". Also,
    nine of the tracks are available on the bootleg LP
    "Pretty Pictures" (side 1, tracks 6 & 7 and side 2, tracks 1-7).

    Date: December, 1983 and January, 1984
    Location: Reflection Sound Studio, Charlotte, NC
    Comments: "Reckoning" sessions
    Tracks: all tracks released on Reckoning, along with:
    Voice of Harold, Burning Down, Mystery to Me, Just a Touch,
    Windout (2 versions, one w/ Jefferson Holt on lead vocal),
    Burning Hell, Crazy and Gardening at Night (2 versions,
    1 acoustic). Also, recorded live to 2-track were Pale Blue
    Eyes, Femme Fatale, Walter's Theme and King of the Road.
    Availability: The "Dead Letter Office" LP contains this session's
    "Voice of Harold," "Burning Down", "Windout" (std. vocal)
    and all four of the live-to-2-track numbers listed above.
    The bootleg "Chronic Murmurings" contains this session's
    "Just a Touch" and "Windout" (w/ Jefferson Holt lead vocal)
    (side 4, tracks 5 & 6). The latter song can also now be
    found on the European CD reissue of "Reckoning." The
    availability of the remaining tracks is unknown, however,
    the acoustic version of "Gardening at Night" has been
    announced as one of the bonus tracks on the next wave of
    IRS European CD reissues.

    Date: February & March, 1985
    Location: London
    Comments: "Fables" sessions - details are sketchy
    Tracks: all tracks for "Fables of the Reconstruction" plus the
    following: Bandwagon, Burning Hell, Hyena, When I Was Young,
    Theme From Two Steps Onward and Crazy.
    Availability: "Bandwagon," "Burning Hell" and "Crazy" from these sessions were released on "Dead Letter Office."

    Section 3: Radio Shows -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Title: "Off the Record"
    Recorded: November, 1991
    Format: CD
    Content: Music and Interview

    Title: "On The Edge"
    Recorded: November, 1992
    Format: CD
    Content: Music and Interview

    Title: "Up Close"
    Recorded: 1992
    Format: 2 X CD
    Content: Music and Interview

    Section 4: Credits -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    bt garner (b...@cpac.washington.edu) Founder of the R.E.M. bootleg
    list (CIRUL).

    CIRUL list contributors:
    bt garner (b...@cpac.washington.edu)
    Lolita Olson (lol...@eng.auburn.edu)
    Ernie (e...@pop.cwru.edu)
    ricardo (srg...@andy.bgsu.edu)
    Jason Solan (jso...@ucs.indiana.edu)
    woj (w...@remus.rutgers.edu)
    Joshua X. Levine (jos...@garnet.berkeley.edu)
    David J. DeWolfe (SX...@orca.alaska.edu)
    Tony Santos (maf...@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu)
    Jon Kincaid (dsr...@prism.gatech.edu)
    Andrew McParland (andrew.m...@rd.eng.bbc.co.uk)
    Colleen E. McLean (ce...@Lehigh.EDU)
    Brian (BTME...@amherst.edu)
    Gary S. Nabors (nab...@pobox.upenn.edu)
    Jay Montgomery (JMMO...@ucs.indiana.edu)
    Bruce Lindsay (bruce....@7thwave.sccsi.com)
    Tim Pintsch (tim.p...@subsoft.com)
    Chris Bray (cs...@engr08.engr.uark.edu)
    Mike Wolf (mike...@crl.com)
    Jeremy Price (etl...@etlxd20.ericsson.se)
    Brooks Duncan (bdu...@infoload.uu.spydernet.com)
    Gary H. (Ghue...@AOL.COM)

    WITH additional *special thanks* (for lots of LP and early R.E.M. session information) to:
    Kipp Teague (tea...@acavax.lynchburg.edu)


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