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    I think I should post this:


    Complete Internet R.E.M. Underground List - a comprehensive list of R.E.M. boots and other weird stuff.

    version: 2.52 (revised: October 25, 1994)

    * Summary of changes V2.52
    * addition of "TMOQ"
    * addition of "Reality in Colour"
    * addition of "It's REM Jim, But Not As We Know Them..."
    * addition of "We Support Greenpeace"
    * addition of "consider life"
    * addition of "The Trouble With Micheal"
    * addition of label and catalog info for "Covering Them"
    * addition of notes regarding the tracks on "Covering Them"
    * addition of "The Complete Unplugged Show"
    * addition of catalog info for "R.E.M. Rising"
    * addition of "Life's Rich Pageant & More"
    * addition of "Blue" LP boot
    * addition of "Harmonics in Eternity" LP boot
    * addition of "REM As Bingo Hand Job" LP boot
    * addition of "Ultra Rare Trax" info
    * addition of "L.I.V.E." LP boot
    * addition of label and catalog info for "Poets of the wheat"
    * addition of label and catalog info for "Perfect Circle"
    * addition of label and catalog info for "This Is It!"
    * addition of "Hitting the Note"
    * addition of "Radio Dreamtime"
    * addition of "Live at Yokahoma"
    * addition of "Automatic People"
    * addition of "It's a Free World"
    * addition of "Man on the Moon"
    * addition of the "Soliciting" section below
    * corrected "Radio Free Georgia (Piedmont Park, 05/14/82) was listed as
    * "Radio Free Europe"
    * removed "Suprise your pig", it's not a boot
    * misc Cleanup ********************************************************************************

    * Soliciting for V2.53
    * Track listing for "Radio Dreamtime"
    * Any info regarding "REM Acoustic"
    * Any info regarding "These Were the Days?"
    * Catalog info for "Rough" and "Monument Valley"
    * Catalog info for "Return of the Rickenbackers"
    * Catalog info for "Rock And Roll Stars"
    * Catalog info for "Greendreams"
    * Catalog info for "Love And Squalor"
    * Catalog info for "Songs For A Green World"
    * Catalog info for "Begin the Begin"
    * Catalog info for "Outtakes Of Time"
    * Catalog info for "Radio Song"
    * Catalog info for "Hitting the Note"
    * Label and catalog info for "Blue"
    * Label and catalog info for "Live at Yokohama"
    * Label and catalog info for "Welcome to the Hoedown"
    * Label and catalog info for "Life's Rich Pageant & More"
    * Label and catalog info for "Reminiscing"
    * Label and catalog info for "New Orleans"
    * Label and catalog info for "Seattle 1989"
    * Label and catalog info for "REM As Bingo Hand Job"
    * Label and catalog info for "Harmonics in Eternity"
    * Label and catalog info for "The Trouble With Micheal"
    * Label and catalog info for "Consider Life"
    * Label and catalog info for "We Support Greenpeace"
    * Label info for "Mumble"
    * Label info for "Archival Footage"
    * Label info for "Pop Songs '89"
    * Label info for "Slightly Out Of Time"
    * Any info regarding "Early Movements"
    * Any info anywhere there's a "?" in this list, unless, of course, it's part * of a song title or such :-) ********************************************************************************

    Section 1: Bootleg List
    Section 2: Early R.E.M. Recording Sessions
    Section 3: Radio Shows
    Section 4: Credits

    Section 1: R.E.M. Bootleg List -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    "Bodycount at Tyrone's" - Brigand Records (BRIG 007)
    Recorded: Live at Tyrone's, Athens, GA; October 4, 1980
    Quality: excellent (soundboard)
    Format: LP
    Notes: earliest bootlegged show (on LP)
    Tracks: Just A Touch/A Girl Like You/Dangerous Times/
    There She Goes Again/I Can Only Give You Everything/
    I Don't Want You Anymore/All the Right Friends/Rockville/
    Bodycount/Hippy Hippy Shake/Action/Narrator/Hey Hey Nadine/
    Gardening At Night/Lisa Says/Mystery to Me/Stepping Stone/
    Permanent Vacation/

    "Georgia Peaches - Ripe!" - Parrot (REM-7)
    Recorded: Live at Tyrone's, January 10, 1981
    Quality: very good (soundboard)
    Format: LP (double)
    Notes: See "So Much Younger Then" for an abridged set from
    the same show
    Tracks: Rave On/Burning Down/A Girl Like You/Get On Their Way/
    There She Goes Again/Pretty Persuasion/Body Count/
    A Different Girl/Action/Narrator/Hey Hey Nadine/Baby I/
    Permanent Vacation/Radio Free Europe/Sitting Still/
    Dangerous Times/I Don't Want You Anymore/Shaking Through/
    Little Girl/Rockville/Windout/Gardening at Night/Wait/
    Scherezade/Lisa Says/Mystery to Me/White Tornado/

    "So Much Younger Then" - FTP (0011)
    Recorded: Live at Tyrone's, January 10, 1981
    Quality: very good (soundboard)
    Format: LP
    Notes: See "Georgia Peaches - Ripe!" for a more complete set from
    the same show
    Tracks: Body Count/A Different Girl/Action/Narrator/Hey Hey Nadine/
    Baby I/Permanent Vacation/Wait/Scherezade/Lisa Says/
    Mystery to Me/All The Right Friends/Little Girl/
    Dangerous Times/A Girl Like You/

    "T.G.I.F." - Red Robin Records (RRR 9309)
    Recorded: Fridays, Greensboro NC, March 31, 1981
    Quality: Unknown
    Format: CD
    Notes: contains "Ha (We Get Paid for it)" which is not
    readily available elsewhere.
    Tracks: Just a Touch/Burning Down/Ha (We Get Paid for it)/
    Shaking Through/(Don't Go Back to) Rockville/
    There She Goes Again/Permanant Vacation/Pretty Persuasion/
    That Beat/Mystery to Me/Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars)/
    Rave On/Ages of You/I Can't Control Myself/Laughing (cut)/
    Romance/Chained to the Wall/Sitting Still/Wolves, Lower/
    Gardening at Night/9-9/Windout/Radio Free Europe/

    "That Beat In Time" - O.M.K. Records (OMKCD 001)
    Recorded: Tyrone's in Athens, GA, May 12, 1981
    Quality: Above Average
    Format: CD
    Released: 1991
    Notes: The CD states that this is from the January 1, 1981
    show, but the May date is actually correct.
    Tracks: Hey! Hey! Nadine/Burning Down/Dangerous Times/
    There She Goes Again/(Don't Go Back To) Rockville/
    Body Count/Just A Touch/Sitting Still/Permanent Vacation/
    Get On Their Way/Shaking Through/Romance/Laughing/
    Pretty Persuation/That Beat/Stumble/Radio Free Europe/
    Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)/Skank/Windout/
    Gardening At Night/White Tornado/

    "Radio Free Georgia" - Red Robin Records (RRR 9307)
    Recorded: Piedmont Park, Alanta, Georgia, May 14, 1982
    Quality: Unknown
    Format: CD
    Notes: From an FM broadcast on WRFG Atlanta
    Tracks: West of the Fields #1/West of the Fields #2/1,000,000/
    Shaking Through/Pilgrimage/Laughing/Romance/Sitting Still/
    Pretty Persuasion/Gardening at Night/9-9/Catapult/
    Radio Free Europe/White Tornado/Carnival of Sorts/Ages of you/

    "Down South" - FTP (0010)
    Recorded: Live 1981-82 (*) from 10/1/81 Tyrone's show
    Quality: excellent
    Format: LP
    Tracks: White Tornado/Shaking Through/Rockville/
    Gardening at Night/Sitting Still/Burning Down/
    Chained to the Wall/Ages of You/Get on Their Way (*)/
    There She Goes Again (*)/Laughing/Just A Touch/
    Radio Free Europe/

    "Chronic Murmurings" - Toasted Record Works (TRW 1905)
    Recorded: Athens demos (1980), IRS demos (1981), outtakes
    Quality: Athens demos: fair, remainder: very good to excellent
    Format: LP (double)
    Tracks: (Athens:) Dangerous Times/I Don't Want You Anymore/
    Different Girl/Narrator/Just A Touch/Baby I/Mystery to Me/
    Permanent Vacation/(IRS:) 1,000,000/Ages of You/
    Gardening at Night/Carnival of Sorts/Stumble/
    (Chronic Town outtakes:) Catapult/Wolves, Lower/Laughing/
    Romance/Shaking Through/Carnival of Sorts/Stumble/
    Wolves Lower/1,000,000/(Reckoning outtakes:) Windout/
    Just a Touch/

    "Really Exciting Music" - Easy Flyte Records (FLIGHT 201)
    Recorded: Drive-in Studio demos, 1981, Hib-tone single, Reckoning mixes Quality: demos: excellent, Reckoning: fair
    Format: LP
    Notes: Radio Free Europe and Sitting Still are from the Hibtone
    Tracks: 1,000,000/Ages of You/Carnival of Sorts/White Tornado/
    Radio Free Europe/Sitting Still/There She Goes Again/
    Windout/Pretty Persuasion/Time After Time/So. Central Rain/
    Little America/

    "Carnival Of Sorts" - Great Dane Records (GDR CD 9020)
    Recorded: Merlins in Madison, WI (April 24, 1982)
    Quality: Excellent
    Format: CD (ADD)
    Released: October, 1990
    Tracks: Gardening At Night/9-9/Ages Of You/Shaking Through/Laughing/ Romance/Sitting Still/Pretty Persuasion/That Beat/Catapult/
    Radio Free Europe/Wolves, Lower/Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)/
    White Tornado/West Of The Fields/Stumble-Skank/
    There She Goes Again/

    "Do the Strand" - Red Robin Records (RRR 9308)
    Recorded: Strand Cabaret, Marietta, GA, July 2, 1982
    Quality: Unknown
    Format: CD
    Notes: Contains first (probably) live performance of
    "Perfect Circle", with drum machine.
    Tracks: West of the Fields/Shaking Through/Pilgrimage/Romance/
    We Walk/Wolver, lower/That Beat/Pretty Persuasion/
    Sitting Still/1,000,000/Gardening at Night/9-9/
    There She Goes Again/Catapult/Radio Free Europe/
    Perfect Circle/Laughing/Moral Kiosk/Carnival of Sorts/

    "Pretty Pictures" - Easy Flyte Records (FLIGHT 130)
    Recorded: Athens '80, San. Fran. '83, Chronic Town Outtakes
    Quality: varied, mostly poor to fair
    Format: LP (double)
    Tracks: That Beat/All the Right Friends/Tighten Up/
    There She Goes Again/Moon River/That Beat/Burning Down/
    Burning Hell/The Lion Sleeps Tonight/Skank/Camera/
    Second Guessing/Just A Touch/Pale Blue Eyes/Catapult/
    Wolves, Lower/Laughing/Romance/Shaking Through/
    Carnival of Sorts/Stumble/All The Right Friends/
    A Different Girl/Narrator/Just A Touch/Baby I/Mystery to Me/
    Permanent Vacation/

    "R.E.M. Rising" - Red Robin Records (RECD 940111)
    Recorded: July 9, 1983 at Larry's Hideaway in Toronto, Canada
    Quality: superb
    Format: CD
    Notes: Features the complete soundboard tape, and is not merely
    another copy of the edited FM broadcast from which
    "Mada Mada" was taken.
    Tracks: Wolves Lower/Moral Kiosk/Laughing/Pilgrimage/Moon River/
    There She Goes Again and 7 Chinese Bros./Talk About the
    Passions/Sitting Still/Harborcoat/Catapult/Pretty Persuasion/
    Gardening at Night/9-9/Just a Touch/West of the Fields/
    Radio Free Europe/We Walk/1.000.000/Carnival of Sorts/

    "20th Century Boys - Vol. 1" (REM-92-SC)
    Recorded: recorded at the Mad Hatter in Athens, GA, Fall 1983
    (liner notes erroneously stated "Windup Club")
    Quality: excellent (soundboard)
    Format: CD
    Notes: a very raw performance
    Tracks: I Got You Babe/Here We Are/Harbor Coat/Pretty Persuasion/ Pills/Millions Like Us/Camera/Talk About the Passion/
    Little American (sic)/Party Girl/Letter Never Sent/
    Just a Touch/Secret Agent Man/Hootenany/Route 66/
    Wind Out/Don't Know/6 Stock Answers to 74,000 Questions/
    My Roof Your Roof/Pale Blue Eyes/Tainted Obligation/

    "20th Century Boys - Vol. 2" (REM-92-SC)
    Recorded: tracks 1-7 were recorded live at the Mad Hatter in Athens
    in the Fall of 1983. Tracks 8-26 were recorded live at
    Tyrone's Club, Athens, GA, October 4, 1980.
    Quality: excellent (soundboard)
    Format: CD
    Notes: tracks 8-26 duplicate those found on the vinyl bootleg
    "Bodycount at Tyrones." Tracks "This and That,"
    "Party Girl," "Jacques Cousteau," "Small Town Girl,"
    and "Get Stoned" have the alternate titles "I Can Only
    Give You Everything," "All The Right Friends," "Narrator,"
    "Hey Hey Nadine" and "Stepping Stone" respectively.
    Tracks: Rave On/20th Century Boys/7 Chinese Brothers/Crazy/
    Remember Me/Rockville/Carnival/Just A Touch/
    Nervous Breakdown/A Girl Like You/Dangerous Times/
    There She Goes Again/This and That/Party Girl/Rockville/
    Bodycount/Hippy Hippy Shake/Action/Jacques Cousteau/
    Small Town Girl/Gardening At Night/Scherezade/Lisa Says/
    Mystery to Me/Get Stoned/Permanent Vacation/

    "The Sound and the Fury" - Turtle (TR-284)
    Recorded: 9:30 Club, Washington DC, March 18, 1983
    Quality: very good (somewhat bass-shy)
    Format: CD
    Tracks: Gardening at Night/9-9/Catapult/Pilgrimage/7 Chinese Bros./ Laughing/Wolves, Lower/Romance/Sitting Still/1,000,000/
    West of the Fields/Radio Free Europe/Last Date/Ages of You/
    We Walk/Carnival of Sorts/

    "L.I.V.E." Bandido (Ltd B006)
    Recorded: University of Rochester, New York, April 8, 1983
    Format: LP
    Notes: This was the very first R.E.M. boot to be released.
    Only known bootleg to have the songs "Harlem Nocturn"
    and "Return"
    Tracks: Harlem Nocturn/Moral Kiosk/Catapult/Pilgrimage/Return
    (Seven chinese brothers)/Wolves, Lower/Talk About the
    Passion/Gardening at Night/9-9 (not listed)/West of the
    fields (not listed)/Radio Free Europe/

    "Smoking in the Boys Room" - Class Act Records (C-116)
    Recorded: mostly Larry's Hideaway, 7/9/83
    Quality: varied
    Format: LP
    Tracks: White Tornado (Drive-in 7/81)/Moral Kiosk/Laughing/
    There She Goes Again/Talk About the Passion/Sitting Still/
    Harborcoat/Smokin' in the Boys Room (Hartford, CT 7/20/84)/
    9-9/West of the Fields/Pretty Persuasion/Carnival of Sorts/
    Radio Dub (Drive-in)/

    "Return of the Rickenbackers" - Kabjdo Records (?)
    Recorded: Paradise Theatre, Boston, MA; July 13, 1983
    Quality: good but mastered too slow
    Format: LP
    Tracks: Seven Chinese Brothers/Harborcoat/Pretty Persuasion/
    West of the Fields/Radio Free Europe/Gloria/Ages Of You/
    We Walk/1,000,000/There She Goes Again/California Dreaming/
    Carnival of Sorts/

    "Do You Remember - Dead Giveaway Office" - CA (70054)
    Recorded: Tyrone's (1983), Peppermint Lounge (NYC 10/31/83) and more
    Quality: mixed: audience and soundboard
    Format: LP
    Tracks: Welcome To The Starlight/20th Century Boy/Pills/
    Barney Miller Theme/Secret Agent Man/Hootenanny/
    DOA/Omaha (Golden Paliminos)/I Got You Babe/Moon River/
    Rave On/So You Want to be a R&R Star?/Pale Blue Eyes/
    I Can't Control Myself/Crazy/Femme Fatale/

    "Mada Mada" - Toasted Record Works TRW (1906)
    Recorded: [1] Larry's Hideaway 7/9/83
    [2] Reflection Studios outtakes
    [3] Trenton, NJ - Nov 16, 1982
    Quality: excellent (mixed FM broadcast and soundboard)
    Format: LP (double)
    Notes: Also available on CD "Streets of Millionaires"
    Tracks: [1] Laughing/Pilgrimage/There She Goes Again/
    Seven Chinese Brothers/Talk About the Passion/Sitting Still/ Harborcoat/Catapult/Gardening at Night/9-9/Just a Touch/
    West of the Fields/Radio Free Europe/We Walk/1,000,000/
    [2] There She Goes Again/Lighten Up/Don't Want You Anymore/
    [3] Romance/1,000,000/Pretty Persuasion/Ages of You/
    Pilgrimage/Wolves, Lower/

    "Rough" - Transalantic (?)
    Recorded: ?
    Quality: One boot source rates it 3 stars out of 5
    Format: CD
    Released: ?
    Notes: Claims to be Rhythmic Studios 11/9/83, actually it' the
    same as "Mada Mada" from the FM broadcast at Larry's Hideway
    in July 1983.
    Tracks: See "Mada Mada" above

    "Monument Valley" - IRI (?)
    Recorded: ?
    Quality: One boot source rates it 2 stars out of 5
    Format: CD
    Notes: Claims to be Rhythmic Studios 11/9/83, actually it' the
    same as "Mada Mada" from the FM broadcast at Larry's Hideway
    in July 1983.
    Tracks: See "Mada Mada" above

    "Streets Of Millionaires" Raid Masters (RMCD 910709)
    Recorded: Larry's Hideaway, July 9, 1983
    Quality: Above average (fade ins are long)
    Format: CD
    Released: September, 1991
    Notes: Not really from San Francisco (see "Mada Mada")
    Tracks: Laughing/Pilgrimage (The Traveller)/There She Goes Again/
    Seven Chinese Brothers/Talk About The Passion/Sitting Still/ Harborcoat/Catapult/Gardening At Night/9-9/Just A Touch/
    West Of The Fields/Radio Free Europe/We Walk/Million/

    "We're Blinking Just As Fast As We Can" - GLC Great Live Concerts (3791) Recorded: Seattle Music Hall; June 27, 1984
    Quality: excellent (FM broadcast)
    Format: LP (double)
    Notes: NBC Source concert - also on CD "Rock and Roll Stars"
    Tracks: Moral Kiosk/Driver 8/Catapult/Hyena/Camera/Pilgrimage/
    Old Man Kensey/Radio Free Europe/Little America/
    Talk About The Passion/Seven Chinese Brothers/
    So. Central Rain/Pretty Persuasion/Gardening At Night/
    9-9/Windout/Burning Down/Pale Blue Eyes/
    So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star/Carnival of Sorts/

    "Live in Chicago" - Me Records (0100)
    Recorded: Chicago (July 7, 1984) and New Jersey (September 6, 1984)
    Quality: unknown
    Format: LP
    Tracks: Femme Fatale/Radio Free Europe/Gardening At Night/
    Sitting Still/Pale Blue Eyes/
    So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star/9-9/Windout/
    Driver 8/So. Central Rain/Harborcoat/Cushy Tush/
    Behind Closed Doors/Hyena/Pretty Persuasion/

    "We Are Having a Heavenly Time" - PFM Records (Q-9022)
    Recorded: live at Page Auditorium, N.C.; September 25, 1984
    Quality: excellent soundboard - mastered too fast
    Format: LP
    Released: 1985
    Tracks: Seven Chinese Brothers/Catapult/Radio Free Europe/
    Letter Never Sent/Kohoutek/So. Central Rain/Driver 8/ Rockville/1,000,000/Hyena/Old Man Kensey/Second Guessing/

    "Philadelphia 1984" - Rarities & Few (GZCD 1010)
    Recorded: Tower Theatre, Philadelphia; October 17, 1984
    Quality: Above Average (A-/B+)
    Format: CD (ADD)
    Released: 1990
    Notes: (according to the cover) Limited Edition, 1000 Copies
    Tracks: Radio Free Europe/Hyena/Letter Never Sent/Camera/
    Gardening At Night/9-9/Windout/(Don't Go Back To) Rockville/
    So. Central Rain/Little America/Second Guessing/
    Talk About The Passion/Wolves, Lower/Moon River/
    Ghost Riders In The Sky/There She Goes Again/We Walk/

    "R.E.M. Boston 1984" - Mistral Music (MM 9116)
    Recorded: Live In Boston 1984 (sic) - actually recorded in Seattle.
    Quality: Good/excellent
    Format: CD
    Notes: "Driver 8" contains a small skip from the vinyl that
    was used for mastering.
    Tracks: Moral Kiosk/Driver 8/Catapult/Hyena/Camera/Pilgrimage/
    Talk About The Passion/7 Chinese Brothers/
    South Central Rain/Pretty Persuasion/9-9/Windout/
    Old Man Kensey/Radio Free Europe/Little America/
    Burning Down/Pale Blue Eyes/1,000,000/
    So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star/Carnival of Sorts/
    Taking Out The Seeds/

    "Blue" - ? (?)
    Recorded: Live at the Seattle Music Hall 1984
    Quality: ?
    Format: Double LP's
    Released: ?
    Tracks:Moral Kiosk/Driver8/Catapult/Hyena/Camera/Pilgrimage/Talk
    About the Passion/7 Chinese Brothers/So. Central Rain/Pretty Persuasion/Gardening at Night/9-9/Windout/Old Man Kensey/Radio
    Free Europe/Little America/Burning Down/PBE/1,000,000/Rock N
    Roll Star/Boxcars/Marble Table/ (Same as Rock n Roll Stars)

    "Rock And Roll Stars" - Howdy Records (?)
    Recorded: Seattle, WA - June 27, 1984
    Quality: Excellent
    Format: CD
    Released: January, 1992
    Notes: CD is mastered from vinyl.
    Tracks: Moral Kiosk/Hyena/Camera/Pilgrimage/Talk About The Passion/
    7 Chinese Brothers/So. Central Rain/Pretty Persuation/
    Gardening At Night/9-9/Wind Out/Old Man Kinsey/
    Radio Free Europe/Little America/Burning Down/Pale Blue Eyes/
    1,000,000/So You Wanna Be A Rock And Roll Star/
    Carnival Of Sorts/Skank/

    "Disturbances" - Aragon (CA 784A)
    Recorded: Unknown Origin, July, 1984
    Quality: Terrible - only for die-hards.
    Format: CD
    Released: 1989
    Notes: Both the track listing in the case, and on the CD
    are incorrect (actual tracks are listed below).
    The CD is labeled "Heartsounds" and is given a,
    "(C) (P) 1989 Heartground Records.
    Tracks: Letter Never Sent/I Believe/Driver 8/South Central Rain/
    7 Chinese Brothers/Harbourcoat/Hyena/Femme Fatale/
    Radio Free Europe/Gardening At Night/9-9, Windout/
    Little America/Second Guessing/(Don't Go Back To) Rockville/

    "Songs From Little America" - Flashback World Productions (09.92.0189) Recorded: Live in the USA, summer 84
    Format: CD
    Released: September 1992
    Tracks: Radio Free Europe/Harbour Coat/Hyema (sic)/Sitting Still/
    7 Chinese Brothers/Letter Never Sent/Driver 8/
    South Central Rain/Pretty Persuation/Gardening/
    9-9, Wind Out/Old Man Kensey/Second Coessing (sic)/
    Little America/Pale Blue Eyes/We Walk/Rockville/Million/
    Ghostriders In The Sky/Camera/Carnical Of Sorts/

    "Unreleased Live LP" - Unbelievable Music (UM 029)
    Recorded: Tracks 1-15 recorded live at Page Auditorium, N.C.,
    September 25, 1984. Tracks 16-22 are "bonus" tracks from
    an unidentified performance.
    Quality: Page Auditorium tracks: very good soundboard but mastered
    slightly too fast
    Bonus tracks: substandard sound
    Format: CD
    Notes: The liner notes state: "This recording was supposed to be
    R.E.M.'s last album on the I.R.S. Records label. However,
    Michael Stipe, the band's vocalist did not want it released"
    (end quote). Although this CD contains much of the same show
    as the boot LP "We Are Having a Heavenly Time," the CD is not
    mastered from the LP. For example, Stipe's comment at the
    beginning of the show about having a cold is on the CD but
    not the LP. Also, Driver 8, originally on the LP, but which
    contains a mid-song sound glitch, is missing from that set
    Tracks: 7 Chinese Brothers/Catapult/Radio Free Europe/9-9/
    Gardening at Night/Windout/Letter Never Sent/Kohoutek/
    So. Central Rain/Rockville/1,000,000/Hyena/
    West of the Fields/Old Man Kensey/Second Guessing/Hyena/
    Letter Never Sent/Driver 8/Old Man Kensey/Pretty Persuasion/
    1,000,000/Second Guessing/

    "Live at Yokohama" - ? (?)
    Recorded: ?
    Quality: Excellent
    Format: ?
    Notes: Mike announces that this is the very first time
    they've ever played Auctioneer in public.
    Tracks: Gardening at Night/9--9/Old Man Kensey/So. Central Rain/ Auctioneer/Talk about the passion/Harborcoat/Hyena/Rockville/
    Sitting Still/Catapult/Chicken Train/Pretty Persuasion/
    Little America/Ghost Reindeers/Second Guessing/Radio Free Europe/
    Femme Fatale/

    "Nottingham" - TMQ (71121)
    Recorded: Rock City, Nottingham, UK - BBC Broadcast - 11/21/84
    Quality: excellent
    Format: LP (Green Vinyl) also [?]
    LP (Clear vinyl splattered with pink/fuschia)
    Tracks: Hyena/Talk About the Passion/Rockville/Auctioneer/
    So. Central Rain/Sitting Still/Old Man Kensey/
    Gardening at Night/9-9/Windout/Driver 8/Pretty Persuasion/
    Radio Free Europe/

    "Old Man Kensey" - Hallmark (HM 004 CD)
    Recorded: Rock City, Nottingham, UK - November 21, 1984
    Quality: Excellent (radio show)
    Format: CD
    Notes: This CD was mastered from a BBC concert transcription LP
    which has also been bootlegged on vinyl (less "West of the
    Fields") under the title "Nottingham." An abridged version
    of this concert was recently pressed on CD as a Westwood One
    radio show ("In Concert") and aired in several markets. In
    a humorous moment during this show, Stipe announces that the
    heel of his boot has come off, and requests (and is given) a
    new shoe from the audience.
    Tracks: Hyena/Talk About the Passion/West of the Fields/
    (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/Auctioneer/So. Central Rain/
    Sitting Still/Old Man Kensey/Gardening at Night/9-9/Windout/
    Driver 8/Pretty Pervasion (sic)/Radio Free Europe/

    "The Pop Dream" - Easy Flyte Records (FLIGHT 801)
    Recorded: various locations, 1982-85
    Quality: mixed
    Format: LP (double)
    Tracks: Neverland/Gloria/There She Goes Again/California Dreaming/
    Toys In The Attic/Radar Love/Paint It Black/
    I Can't Control Myself/Radar Love/
    So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star/
    I Can Only Give You Everything/Secret Agent Man/
    See No Evil/Pills/Stepping Stone/
    Have You Ever Seen The Rain/Eight Miles High/Roadrunner/
    In the Year 2525/After Hours/God Save The Queen/
    20th Century Boys/Smokin' In The Boy's Room/Sweet Jane/
    Louie Louie/Pale Blue Eyes/Wild Thing/Chicken Train/
    Be Bop A Lula/

    "Can't Get There From Here" - Kaxy Recordings (KAXY 002)
    Recorded: Live at Hammersmith Palais Ballroom, London;
    October 28, 1985
    Quality: good (audience recording)
    Format: LP (double)
    Released: 1986
    Tracks: Feeling Gravity's Pull/Harborcoat/Green Grow the Rushes/
    Maps And Legends/Pilgrimage/Drive 8/Sitting Still/
    Good Advices/So. Central Rain/Have You Ever Seen The Rain/
    Can't Get There From Here/Seven Chinese Brothers/Auctioneer/
    Old Man Kensey/Pretty Persuasion/Life And How To Live it/
    Second Guessing/Rockville/Toys In The Attic/Radar Love/
    Burning Hell/Talk About The Passion/Little America/

    "The Georgia Peaches - Rapid Eye Movements" - REM Records (L29875)
    Recorded: Bay Front Theater, St. Petersburg; November 26, 1985
    Quality: good audience recording
    Format: LP (double)
    Released: 1988
    Notes: Roger McGuinn guests on "So You Want To Be A R&R Star"
    Tracks: Feeling Gravity's Pull/Harborcoat/Driver 8/Pilgrimage/
    Green Grow The Rushes/Sitting Still/Maps and Legends/
    So. Central Rain/Laughing/Seven Chinese Brothers/
    It's A Restless World/Can't Get There From Here/
    West Of The Fields/Old Man Kensey/Auctioneer/
    Pretty Persuasion/Little America/Second Guessing/
    Shaking Through/So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star/
    Toys in the Attic/

    "These Days" - Why Not Records (WOT 1008)
    Recorded: London Hammersmith, 10/29/85 (2nd show)
    Format: CD
    Quality: Soundboard, except for the last 4 tracks which are
    Notes: This is supposedly an unaired radio broadcast.
    Tracks: Moral Kiosk/Letter Never Sent/Laughing/Maps And Legends/
    Driver 8/Fall On Me/Can't Get There From Here/
    Seven Chinese Brothers/West Of The Fields/
    Auctioneer (Another Engine)/Old Man Kensey/
    Gardening At Night/Radio Free Europa (sic)/We Walk/
    Pretty Persuation/See No Evil/Theme From Two Steps Onward/
    These Days/Bad Day/I Believe/

    "Welcome to the Hoedown" - ? (?)
    Recorded: Live at the Stock Pavillion, Madison, WI May 1985
    Quality: reportedly very good
    Format: CD
    Tracks: Harbourcoat/Green Grow The Rushes/Seven Chinese Brothers/
    Hyena/Good Advices/Talk About The Passion/Driver 8/
    Can't Get There From Here/So. Central Rain/Maps and Legends/ Auctioneer(another engine)/Life And How To Live It/
    Little America/Second Guessing/(Don't Go Back to) Rockville/
    Just a Touch/Theme From 2 Steps Onwards/Gardening at Night/
    9-9/Windout/Have You Ever Seen The Rain/When I Was Young/

    "Stab It and Steer It" - Adobe (CD RAIN 1)
    Recorded: [1] Reflection Studios, Charlotte, NC, January, 1983
    [2] Stock Pavilion, Madison, WI, May 10, 1985
    [3] Brown University, April 27, 1985
    [4] Rhythmic Studios, San Fransisco, November 9, 1983
    [5] unidentified
    Quality: very good, but hissy
    Format: CD
    Notes: Several of the Reflection Studios tracks ([1]) have been
    commercially released as bonus tracks on the recent European
    I.R.S. CD reissues.
    Tracks: That Beat[1]/Pretty Persuasion[1]/All the Right Friends[1]/
    Tighten Up[1]/There She Goes Again[1]/Moon River[1]/
    Theme from Two Steps Onward[2]/When I Was Young[3]/
    Bad Day (demo)[5]/The Lion Sleeps Tonight[4]/Skank[4]/Walter's
    Theme[4]/Cushy Tush[4]/Gardening at Night (acoustic)[1]/
    Mystery to Me[1]/Gardening at Night (acoustic vs. 2)[1]/
    Tainted Obligation (Community Trolls with Michael Stipe)

    "Mumble" - ? (PSA-101)
    Recorded: various locations (1986 demos, 1984 BBC broadcast, etc.)
    Quality: good to excellent
    Format: LP
    Notes: PSA is somewhat of a precursor to It's the End of
    the World..., and contains some of the same lyrics.
    Also, tracks marked with (*) are from 1984 Nottingham UK
    concert and most are also available on Nottingham LP.
    Tracks: Underneath the Bunker/Gardening At Night (*)/ 9-9 (*)/
    Windout (*)/White Tornado/Pretty Persuasion (*)/
    PSA (Bad Day)/So. Central Rain/Swan Swan H/Auctioneer (*)/
    West of the Fields (*)/Cuyahoga/

    "Pageantry" - Pharting Pharoah (13154)
    Recorded: University Ampitheatre, Los Angeles, CA; September 30, 1986 Quality: poor
    Format: LP (double)
    Notes: due to poor quality, recommended for diehards only
    Tracks: These Days/Radio Free Europe/Harborcoat/Sitting Still/
    The One I Love/Shaking Through/Feeling Gravity's Pull/
    Last Date/Drive 8/Flowers of Guatemala/I Believe/
    Swan Swan H/Superman/Can't Get There From Here/
    Pretty Persuasion/Just a Touch/Fall on Me/Cuyahoga/ 1,000,000/Strange/Funtime/Life and How to Live It/
    Begin the Begin/So. Central Rain/

    "Rolling Stone" - Auto Dight Records (1345)
    Recorded: Syrian Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA; October 24, 1986
    Quality: poor
    Format: LP (double)
    Notes: due to poor quality, recommended for diehards only
    Tracks: These Days/Harborcoat/Sitting Still/The One I Love/
    West Of The Fields/Shaking Through/Feeling Gravity's Pull/
    White Tornado/Flowers of Guatemala/Maps And Legends/
    Driver 8/I Believe/Seven Chinese Brothers/untitled/
    Superman/Can't Get There From Here/Pretty Persuasion/
    Auctioneer/Little America/Fall On Me/Cuyahoga/1,000,000/

    "Radio Free Georgia" - Bee Records (RM01)
    Recorded: New York City's Felt Forum; November 7, 1986
    Quality: very good
    Format: LP (double)
    Released: 1990
    Tracks: Feeling Gravity's Pull/Burning Down/Green Grow the Rushes/
    Seven Chinese Brothers/Hyena/Good Advices/
    Talk About The Passion/Driver 8/Can't Get There From Here/
    So. Central Rain/Maps and Legends/Auctioneer/Old Man Kensey/
    Pretty Persuasion/Life and How to Live It/Little America/
    Second Guessing/Rockville/Just A Touch/
    Don't Be A Stranger/Gardening at Night/9-9/Pale Blue Eyes/

    "Life's Rich Pageant & More" - ? (?)
    Recorded: Tracks 1-14 are studio demos & outtakes, Tracks 15-24
    were recorded from various locations
    Quality: ?
    Format: ?
    Released: ?
    Tracks: Theme From Two Steps Onward/Just a Touch/Mystery
    to me/Wait/Begin the Begin/Cuyahoga/I Believe/Interim
    Medley/Rotary Ten/These Days/PSA (Bad Day)/Underneath
    the Bunker/Swan Swan H/The Flowers of Guatemala/March/Theme
    From Two Steps Onward/California Dreaming/Mississippi
    Queen/Whole Lotta Love/Funtime/ After Hours/Oddfellows
    Local 151/Born to Run/Eight Miles High/Roadrunner/
    When I Was Young/

    "No. 8 Demos and Outtakes" - Indian (IN02 - Japanese)
    Recorded: various locations 1987 thru 1990
    Quality: very good to excellent
    Format: CD
    Notes: all are outtakes from album sessions
    Tracks: Exhuming McCarthy/Disturbance at the Heron House/
    It's the End of the World/Fireplace/Lightning Hopkins/
    I Remember California/Get Up/You Are the Everything/
    Orange Crush/Losing My Religion/Trash Metal Song/
    Shiny Happy People/Me in Honey/Endgame/Belong/Texarkana/
    It's a Free World Baby/

    "Documentary" - Toasted Record Works (TRW 1914)
    Recorded: live circa 1987 (Los Angeles)
    Quality: good audience recording
    Format: LP (double)
    Tracks: Finest Worksong/These Days/Welcome To The Occupation/
    Exhuming McCarthy/Don't Call On Me/Feeling Gravity's Pull/
    King Of Birds/I Believe/Maps And Legends/Driver 8/ Superman/Auctioneer/Oddfellows Local 151/
    (earthquake story)/It's the End of the World As We Know It/
    Begin the Begin/Strange/Rollers Show/Cuyahoga/Fall on Me/
    Harpers/The One I Love/Crazy/Eat the Fucking Rich/
    Just A Touch/After Hours/

    "Acoustic '87" - Alpine Records (MAC-01)
    Recorded: McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA 5/24/87
    Quality: fair audience recording
    Format: LP
    Released: 1990

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