• My meeting with the Stipe

    From gregadams062@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed May 16 07:21:56 2018
    I briefly meet Michael at a friends funeral. The Stipe and I are about the same age. His sister is married to my good friends brother. My friends father passed away and I went to pay my respects. My friend walks over to me knowing I’m a big REM fan and
    said Michael Stipe showed up.

    I thought I would take the opportunity to shake the guys hand. Over the decades I’ve bought all there music, saw them in concert numerous times and had a backstage pass for the Green tour in Atlanta. So as I’m walking up to him he’s look terrified.
    Like I’m going to kick his ass or something. I extended my hand and all I said was “Hi Micheal it’s very nice to meet you” nothing more than that. He did shake my hand but had this look on his face like What the Hell? I know it was a funeral.
    However, most of the people there were old and had no idea who he was.

    I thought maybe he was just offend that he was approached at a funeral? Was it bad etiquette on my behalf? Maybe so, but I didn’t go all super fan on the guy. I just said hi. However his reaction didn’t sit well with me. He needs to get over himself.
    After all at this point he’s a has been anyway.

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