• Any bands "similar" to REM out there?

    From slee77@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Gary Wolgast on Tue Sep 6 11:14:05 2016
    On Thursday, February 17, 2000 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-8, Gary Wolgast wrote:
    I'm wondering if any of you know if there are any bands who have a
    similar style to R.E.M? I love R.E.M.'s music but I've already bought
    all but 3 of their albums (and those will likely be bought within the
    next few months). No band could ever replace them, but I'm looking to
    expand out to other groups that are musically and lyrically similar. My youth was spend in the late 70's - mid 80's and I had almost completely
    lost touch with the music scene until just last year.

    Does anybody have any suggestions? If anyone knows music, it's you
    people. Heaping mountains of thanks in advance.

    Ok well I know one artist that writes and sounds like Stipe and therefore can't be overlooked. His name is Josh Joplin or the Josh Joplin Group he also did an album that is more accustic called Among the Ash & Oak...it doesn't hurt that I usd to watch
    him perform in Athens, Ga

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