• Open letter to Hans van der Waal

    From waal.tdmiko@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed Dec 27 10:40:52 2017
    Funny this is still circulating on the WWW!!! Just found it when searching for REM bootleg info. Must have the personal letter somewhere in my files. Remnants still is a great source, never overruled. I was a big fan back then. Gave up after Up.
    @ Gary: not sure if you'll ever read this but the article was never meant as an offence. As i said, your book was/is great. No one ever did another attempt to do it better in some way. No hard feelings from my side!!

    Best wishes

    Hans van der Waal
    The Neterlands

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  • From Sweden@21:1/5 to All on Tue Mar 27 07:42:34 2018
    Love the fact that you respond 23 years later, Hans! Not sure you will see this response, but anyway...

    Greetings from David in Sweden - we used to be in touch quite a bit in the mid-90's, you helped me a lot in getting my live "tape collection" (as it was back then!) going. Probably still have some of the letters you sent back then, and the tapes are in
    storage in my attic, for some nostalgic reason.

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