• Two Poems By LaMonte Young

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    LaMonte Young is a composer and conceptual artist who was based in NYC in the 60s. Here are two supposed poems he did in 1960:

    "Composition 1960 #10"

    Draw a straight line and follow it.


    "Piano Piece For David Tudor #1"

    Bring a bale of hay and a bucket of water on the stage for the piano to eat and drink. The performer may then feed the piano or leave it to eat by itself.


    The style seems oddly familiar, doesn't it? Yoko's book of purported "instructional poems" came out in 1964.

    I am reminded yet again of Andy Warhol's observation that Yoko "has always been around. She's always copying someone's art."

    Yoko had a roommate in the early 1960s named Erica Abeel, who has since published her memoir, Wild Girls. Yoko Ono appears in it, thinly disguised as a promiscuous Korean roommate named Rinko Park.

    Abeel recalls entering her apartment during this time to find Yoko having sex with LaMonte Young. "I wouldn't have minded," Abeel said, "except that it was my bed. What bothered me was how greasy he was; he was very dirty. Greasy ponytail. I changed
    my pillowcase."

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