• Ringo Discusses His "Silly Fills"

    From Norbert K@21:1/5 to All on Mon Jul 12 05:46:43 2021
    "I used to get put down in the press a lot for my silly fills, as we lied to call them, and that mainly came about because I'm a left-handed-right-handed drummer. That means I'm left-handed but the kit's set up for a right-handed drummer, so if I come
    off the hi-hat and the snare, any ordinary drummer would come off with the right hand. So if I wanna come off, I have to come off with the left hand, which means I have to miss a miniscule of a beat. I can go around the kit from the floor tom to the
    top toms which are on the bass drum easy, but I can't go the other way because the left hand has to keep coming in under the right one."

    -- Ringo Starr

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