• NY Psychic Frank Andrews

    From Norbert K@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jul 10 04:21:57 2021
    I was watching a documentary about the death of Grace Kelly this morning. A "NY Psychic" named Frank Andrews appeared at one point, stating that he had advised Kelly to leave her marriage to the Prince of Monaco and that she had confessed to him
    that she feared she would die in a car.

    The supposed psychic's name was familiar -- and then I remembered that he was among Yoko Ono's extensive retinue of fortune-tellers.

    According to Albert Goldman, Yoko had been utterly entranced by Andrews -- and, in 1974, she had compelled John Lennon to meet with him. Andrews recalled that Lennon had sneered at him, but that he eventually got around to asking him some serious
    questions. E.g., Lennon asked Andrews if the Beatles would reunite. Andrews said "No, but I see them on Broadway." Lennon asked if he and Yoko would reunite. Andrews said, "That might not be a good idea"; Lennon retorted, "You'd better not tell her
    that." Andrews also claimed that he predicted to John that he had a new child in his future. He said John agreed it was possible he and May would have a baby.

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