• 'The Honorable Man' - A new poem by Agamemnon

    From Agamemnon@21:1/5 to All on Mon Dec 20 22:59:24 2021
    Dedicated to CB - a long-time troller of this group!

    The Honorable Man

    Stealing Injun heads
    From a coffee can
    To buy Steel Reserve
    Is his master plan
    He's an honorable man

    Prying off the hinge
    Of the liquor cab
    Quaffing the booze
    He'll nab a little dab
    Topping off with water
    He's a cunning plotter
    Scanning for Jan
    He's an honorable man

    Watching porno tapes
    Of girls from Japan
    Because they'll submit
    To his meager span
    Now those tapes are gone
    And he accuses John
    Of swiping his stash
    To which he loved to smash
    Hence his vengeance began
    He's an honorable man

    He has no degree
    Never worked a day
    By his dad's decree
    Is what he'll likely say
    He doesn't drive a car
    Can't get very far
    Plays bass guitar
    His ego is bizarre
    An elite Rush fan
    He's an honorable man

    Saving up his cans
    For his daily booze
    He's asking for donations
    A couple bucks he'll schmooze
    He says there is a reason
    Its the only way he'll snooze
    Walking round the mall
    Hunting bills and coins
    Wherever they may fall
    'Hillbillies n rednecks'
    The locals he will call
    Local wine and spirit vendors
    To which he's been banned
    But whom he loathes the most
    Are packies from Pakistan
    He's an honorable man


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