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    Others will know more than I do about this. I know that John Lennon was interested in Brigitte Bardot, Jayne Mansfield, and -- May Pang tells a great anecdote about this -- Elizabeth Taylor. I don't know specifically which films of these actresses he
    had watched.

    Were the Beatles James Bond movie fans? McCartney wrote "Live and Let Die" for the Bond film of that title. Even if he liked the earlier Bond films, he may not have liked that one, because the themes and lead actor had changed by this point.

    Frederic Seaman says that he, Julian Lennon, and John watched Jesus of Nazareth together, and that it induced Lennon to rant against Christianity because of its destruction of pagan culture. Lennon exclaimed, "Let's have the main event; let's get to
    the Crucifixion already!" according to Fred.

    Seaman says that they also watched Deliverance on TV together, and that Lennon kept saying, "I can't wait to get to the butt-f*cking scene!"

    Seaman also reports that the death of Peter Sellars in 1980 sent John into a funk, leading him to muse that "If Sellars hadn't made it in show business, he woulde have died in the nutty bin. If you're a nobody and you are as crazy as he was, they lock
    you up. But if you're famous, then you're simply considered eccentric."

    Sellars had made a comeback recently with his role as Chauncey Gardiner in the film Being There, which was based on Jerzy Kosinski's book of that title. According to Seaman, John noted, "At least he went out with a hit. It sure beats fading from public
    view with a whimper."

    John likened the Beatles' backstage situations to Fellini's Satyricon.

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