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    I imagine most of us have seen this - it's a supergroup put together by John Lennon for the performance of "Yer Blues" at the Rolling Stones' Rock & Roll Circus. Lennon performed vocals & rhythm guitar, Eric Clapton played lead guutar, Keith Richards
    played bass, & Mitch Mitchell played drums. It's a solid performance, quite close to the WA version of the song. The guys were a little out of sync at the point where the song pauses after the solo section (one of Ringo's best moments on the studio
    version, IMO), and I miss McCartney's backing vocals, but it was a reasonably successful contribution to the Stones' spectacle.
    I love the way Lennon's simplistic, one-dimensional guitar solo slowly gave way to another Clapton masterpiece. Nobody needed to remind me that he was the life-blood Cream...: )

    By and large, it's a great performance. Lennon's in good voice; Clapton is great.

    Imagine if they had recruited John Entwistle to play bass? The Who's performance at the R&RC was show-stealing, in part due to the beautiful rumbling rhythmic contributions from JAE.

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