• George Meeting Owsley Stanley

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    Owsley Stanley was the big LSD guru of the 60s. He didn't merely advocate it; he produced it. He was also, incidentally, the inspiration for Steely Dan's song "Kid Charlemagne." Anyway, this is an anecdote from Stanley's wife Rhoney Gissen Stanley's
    book Owsley and Me. The year is 1967; the setting is the Hollywood Hills:

    George [Harrison] apologized for not inviting us inside, whispering in his Beatle accent that his hosts were asleep. He looked like a sadhu in a loose Indian Nehru jacket and baggy pants, but his hair was cut in a page boy, and he had a walrus
    mustache. He was very polite and seemed genuinely thrilled to meet Owsley. He thanked him for the previous gifts of LSD he had messengered. Owsley took a baggie of his best out of his leather vest, white LSD tablets, and handed them to George.

    I wanted to express my gratitude for his music but I was standing next to a Beatle in a private audience and was literally speechless for once. Bear [Owsley] had no problem finding his voice and talked nonstop, telling George about his theories of
    sound, his commitment to live recording, and his belief in the transformative power of LSD and music. George listened attentively and nodded agreeably, although I had heard he preferred rehearsed music to live sound. We were standing outside a modest
    house on a landing on a warm California night, just hanging out. When it was time to say goodnight, George bent down and hugged bear and hugged me. I turned my face up for a kiss and received a gentle kiss on the lips from George the Beatle.

    [End of excerpt.]

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