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    Rasta rocks


    That's crap. <shrug> And no, I don't give a shit
    how many hits it has. Crap sells, unfortunately.

    Lord Valve, ThD
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    I agree with the Trump part.

    I have Russian friends.

    Why, I'll just bet you do, sweety-pie! Are they, uh...manly?

    Five years ago, they admitted without hesitation that Russia's glory days were "gone forever." Today, with Trump and his worship of Putin, they take it all back.

    I believe the medical establishment is working on a
    cure for TDS. Until then, try this:


    I don't know where you live,

    Planning on making a pilgrimage?

    but I find Trump's effects on rural America disastrous.

    My goodness!

    Let me clarify.

    This oughta be good...

    Trump's effect on uneducated Americans has been to create a culture of false bragging. There are people who get stoned and watch Trump's press conferences in transfixed states. Then, they mimic him. They brag about their mastery of fields about
    which they know a absolutely NOTHING.

    I'll bet you can't change a tire. Bet?

    I've changed more tires than you've changed clothes, you skunk.
    Wow, "skunk." I'd better quit before it gets worse...

    And your question about whether my Russian friends are manly is funny. What if they were?
    I'm kinda thinkin' you'd like that. Just sayin'.
    You looking to bend over and play Trump to a someone else's Putin?
    No, all those boys are part of *your* crew. Hey,
    didja see where the new SF district attorney, one
    Chesa Boudin, has decreed that he will selectively
    NOT ENFORCE laws against pissing and shitting in
    public, selling pussy (or ass, come to think of
    it...after all, it's San Francisco) or trying to
    buy some, public camping, blocking the right-of-way,
    stuff like that. And NO BAIL for burglary, shoplifting
    and other misdemeanors, which means you can rob a
    house or steal a ton of shit out of a department store
    and walk away. And SF is a "sanctuary" city. THIS is
    the path chosen for this nation's largest cities by
    leftist schmucks like you, sonny. Just remember that
    when you find all the guns pointed in your direction.
    You can protest that it's not your fault, but we will
    know better. BTW - Chesa Boudin's parents got treated
    to an all-expenses-paid stay in the Grey Rock Hotel on
    account of they were the getaway drivers for an armored
    car heist pulled by the Weather Underground. He was just
    a wee thing when mom and pop went to the slam; pop got
    75 years, so he won't get out until 2056 - and he's 75
    years old right now. Bye, pop! Mom did a double dime,
    got out in 2003 and became (wait for it...) an adjunct
    professor at Columbia. Well, I mean, it's a time-honored
    tradition started by Angela Davis, see... bomb-throwing
    leftist radicals make *such* great academics. But back to
    the tragic plight of wee Chesa, rendered parentless by
    that nasty old justice system. What to do with a 14-month
    old bouncing baby boy? Why, let Bill Ayers and Bernadine
    Dohrn adopt his little proto-commie ass! Who better to raise
    a dyed-in-the-wool progtard asswipe, eh? And that's *just*
    how he turned out, I mean... what else would you expect with
    step-parents like Commiez-R-Us? You can't make shit like this
    up, junior. Now we get to watch him pull the flusher that sends
    SF on its final swirl. Won't that be grand, comrade? Break
    out the masks and the Big Red Flags and let's all march on
    the center of the city and BURN THAT MOTHERFUCKER DOWN!

    Uncle Joe (and Gus Hall) would be ever so proud...

    Lord Valve, ThD
    Musician/Patriot (fuck you - pick a key)

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    W W G 1 W G A

    Hey, LV, we know you still browse the group. Do you believe Trump will be president again by August? Are you a follower of "Q"?

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