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    Here are excerpts from the interview in "Beatlefan" with producer Jack Douglas.
    Read it and weep, Yoko defenders and brown noses.
    Lennon's Last Sessions
    Producer Jack Douglas on Recording 'Double Fantasy.'
    When John Lennon and Yoko Ono decided to return to the recording studio in 1980, they enlisted an old cohort to produce the sessions. In this revealing conversation, he tells Ken Sharp what it was like ....
    Producer-engineer Jack Douglas was known primarily for his work with Aerosmith and Cheap Trick before he got a mysterious phone call in 1980 that launched him into John Lennon's 'comeback' recording sessions - also his final sessions, as it turned out. Contributing Editor Ken Sharp talked with Douglas recently about those sessions and Lennon's work with Cheap Trick- one track of which is included in the new 'John Lennon Anthology' box set ...
    Q: I want to get into the Lennon "Double Fantasy" sessions, but I didn't realize that you'd worked with John prior to that on, was it, the "Imagine" album or the song "Imagine"?
    A: The "Imagine" album.
    Q: You engineered some of that?
    A: Yeah. Well, I was second engineer. Roy Cicala was first engineer but
    that was where I met John.
    Q: What was that like working with John back then?
    A: It was amazing and it's so weird because we got to be friends. I was working in one studio; I was doing editing while he was tracking in another room and doing vocals. I mean, there was no way I was allowed to do vocals with him. I was way too young but he came in and I was putting stuff
    together and editing and he said to me "How ya doing?" You know, I'd met him earlier in the day but this was the first day and I said "OK, OK.' I wanted to be nervous but like I said, he wouldn't let you be. And he lit up a smoke and I said to him "I've been to Liverpool" and he looked at me and said "why the hell would you have been to Liverpool?" and I said well, you want to
    hear this story?
    Q: Is this the one on the boat? [As a young musician, Douglas and a friend stowed away on a boat In order to get to Liverpool, only to be caught and written up in British newspapers.]
    A:Yeah. I told him that story. And he, like, cracked up, he was cracking up 'cause they'd read the papers about these idiots who were held captive on this boat ... after that, he said "What are you doing?" I said, "Well, after this?" He goes, "Yeah". I said "Nothing." He goes, "You can come with me.'
    So we went out, you know, and he took me to a party and he was like - see, I told him I was born and raised in New York, and he would say to me, "See that guy over there?" "Yeah" and if I knew him, he'd say, "Well, who is he? What is he?" I'd say, "Well ... that guy's an asshole. Don't even go near him. He'll fuck and suck your blood." "Thanks, man." It was like one of those kind of things.

    I wonder who they were talking about.

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    Hi all,
    I personally don't like Yoko's songs on DF! I think John's songs were very strong. As a matter of fact if Double Fantasy would have been just all the John
    songs from DF and Milk and Honey (as on Disc 4 of the old Lennon box), that would have been one dynamite album!! Just my opinion.

    Agreed! thank god for playlists. Nowadays we don't have to deal with Yoko's song.
    I read somewhere that when they were discussing the song order for the DF, John and Jack wanted John's songs in side A and Yoko's on side B. But she pushed for having his songs alternating with hers... remember, this was before playlists. It was her way
    to force her songs on the fans. If you didn't want to hear Yoko's song, you would have to get up every time one of John's songs was over and move the needle on the album to skip one of Yoko's.. or you would have to deal with forwarding the cassete tape..

    I mean, give me a F break.

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