• August 12, 1966 Press Conference Excerpt

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    This press conference was held in response to the controversy that had arison over Lennon's "more popular than Jesus now" comments. In my opinion, McCartney actually has a better response to the questions than Lennon does:

    Q: A disc jockey in Birmingham, Alabama, who really started most of the repercussions, has demanded an apology from you.

    Lennon: He can have it, you know. I apologize to him if he's upset and he really means it, you know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I said it for the mess it made. But I never meant it as a lousy or anti-religious thing, or anything, you know, and I can't
    say any more than that. There's nothing else to say, really, you know. No more words.

    McCartney: The thing is that they seem to think that by saying that, you know, John's getting at them. But he isn't at all, you know. It's just a straight comment on something, which may be right and may be wrong, but he's gotta answer as he feels
    honestly, you know. And if they think that for him to say that is wrong, then they don't believe in free speech, you know. And I thought everyone here did.

    Q: Was there as much repercussion and reaction to your statements throughout Europe and other countries of the world as there was here in America?

    Harrison: No.

    [End of excerpt.]

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