• Re: How tall were each of the lads?

    From Ron Baker@21:1/5 to Angela Bennett on Sun Nov 21 06:45:15 2021
    On Monday, January 15, 1996 at 4:00:00 PM UTC+8, Angela Bennett wrote:
    m.l...@ix.netcom.com(M.Levi ) wrote:
    Idle curiousity here . . . I was wondering how tall each of the Beatles
    are or were. I'm guessing that Paul is about 5'10", John and George
    were about 5'8" and Ringo only 5'6". Does anybody know for sure?

    I'd like to know too. I thought George was taller though.
    I met Paul in 1975, i am six foot, he was way shorter than me by at least 2 inches

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  • From Tom Seiler@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 22 07:57:05 2021
    On Thursday, January 18, 1996 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, DPaine1054 wrote:
    I read recently something that said Paul is in fact only 5'10" George is around 5'9 1/2" and Ringo 5'7"...apparently their heights were beefed up a little in the early days to keep the 3 out front all 5'11" etc. It looked better on paper I guess.
    Most people shrink as they age. Specifically their backbone compresses. I was 5'9" when I graduated from high school in 1966. I am now 5'6".

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