• Abbey Road and the Arrival of a Huge Object (Emerick)

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    According to Geoff Emerick, George Martin greeted him the first week of the Beatles' Abbey Road sessions with the news that John had been in a car accident in Scotland. John was not badly injured, but would be in the hospital for about a week and absent
    from the recording sessions. The sessions progressed peacefully without John and Yoko, and Paul in particular was in high spirits, recording "Her Majesty," "Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight," and "Maxwell's Silver Hammer." The last song irritated
    Harrison slightly, though he got over the irritation quickly.

    Eventually John and Yoko arrived for a session "like two apparitions dressed in black." Lennon reassured everyone that he was alright. He chatted cheerfully about how the car he had been driving would be crushed into a block and towed down to his
    estate, where it would be displayed as a sculpture. At this point, Yoko tugged at John's sleeve and moaned. "I'm afraid mother is still not doing to well," he responded. Emerick mentions that he felt John's nickname for Yoko was creepy.

    Yoko began to speak -- when the door to the studio burst open and four men appeared, carrying a "large heavy object." Emerick assumed this had to be the delivery of a piano. He then noticed that the workmens' jackets sported the word "Harrods" on
    the back. They were delivering a *bed* to the studio! Jaws dropped all around as the men set it up. Then, "without a word, Yoko climbed in, carefully arranging the covers around her."

    Emerick says that he had thought he had seen it all in his seven years in recording studios, but "this took the cake." Yoko lived in the bed for the next several weeks, adorned in a series of flimsy nightgowns accessorized with regal tiaras. Lennon
    had arranged for a microphone to be placed over Yoko's bed so that everyone could hear her comments: "Beatles will do this," or "Beatles will do that." Paul was highly irritated by this, and attempted to correct Yoko: "Actually, it's *the* Beatles,
    luv." Yoko persistently ignored this.

    -- Summarized from Geoff Emerick's Here, There and Everywhere

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