• Kerouac's Conversation With Lennon

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    "Kerouac told me that [Allen] Ginsberg had recently been with Dylan in London for Dylan's Royal Albert Hall concert, and that Ginsberg and Dylan were 'thickern thieves.' At a party after Dylan's concert, Ginsberg met the Beatles and lectured them about
    the Beat Generation. John Lennon subsequently contacted Kerouac, revealing that the band's name was derived from 'Beat.' 'He was sorry he hadn't come to see me when they played Queens,' Kerouac said, referring to the Beatles Shea Stadium concert in
    1965. 'I told him it's just as well, since my mother wouldn't let them in without a haircut. He wanted to know how to reach Jayne Mansfield, said he wanted to f*ck her.' The actress had starred in The Girl Can't Help It, one of the few 'A' rock movies
    ever made."

    -- Ellis Amburn, author of Subterranean Kerouac

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