• Ringo On the Donahue Show

    From Norbert K@21:1/5 to All on Tue Oct 26 05:03:48 2021
    Ringo made three appearances that I know of on Phil Donahue's show: one in 1978, one in 1981, and one in 1995. All three shows are up on Youtube.

    On the 1978 appearance, it's obvious from the transfixed smiles on the faces of the women in the audience that Beatlemania still existed to an extent. Ringo is asked repeatedly if the Beatles will reunite, and although his demeanor is good-natured, he's
    obviously bored with the question. At one point he answers (I'm paraphrasing) "Look, Paul is probably booked on a tour. George is in the studio. I'm in the studio. John's...[hesitates for a second] in New York doing whatever he's doing."

    For the 1981 show, he is joined by his fiancee Barbara Bach -- who looks radiant. There's some discussion between Donahue and Ringo about how unhealthy the former Beatle was as a young man. "He's not [unhealthy] now," Bach interjects with a smile. A
    member of the audience asks Ringo for his opinion of George Harrison's book I Me Mine, and Ringo quips: "I love the binding. I haven't seen the inside."

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