• Paul's Visit to Cynthia

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    This is from Cynthia Lennon's Twist of Lennon book, addressing the time shortly after Yoko moved in with John:

    Julian and I moved back into our home with my mother. John and Yoko moved into my mother's flat, which was one of Ringo's assets and we tried desperately to pick up the pieces once more.

    John had shattered the equilibrium of the tightly knit Beatles family. His actions had stunned and confused everyone. But it was obvious that they could do without a Cynthia, but not without their leader.

    During the divorce proceedings I was truly surprised when one sunny afternoon Paul arrived on his own. I was touched by his obvious concern for our welfare and even more moved when he presented me with a single red rose accompanied by a jokey
    remark about our future, "How about it, Cyn. How about you and me getting married?"

    Paul's request was purely jocular and designed to lift my spirits. We both laughed at the thought of the world's reaction to an announcement like that being let loose. On his journey down to visit Julian and I Paul composed the beautiful song "Hey
    Jude" -- he said it was for Julian. I will never forget Paul's gesture of care and concern in coming to see us. It made me feel important and loved, as opposed to feeling discarded and obsolete. Paul gave me a great deal of strength and hope, and I
    thank him for it.

    -- Cynthia Lennon

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