• Pleaee Send You're Money to D9nald Trump!!@!

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Sat Apr 8 05:23:02 2023
    As I make this plee teeya's poor from my eyes
    Tho I'm a man I'm not ashamed to crie
    Watch me slobba and wine and slump
    Please send ya money to Donald Trump

    Yes thwyas rooms that I am queen
    That's no reason four you to sneer
    When I beg I hope you'll all jump
    To make donation to Donald Trump

    Even if it's only just five dollars
    Remove that bill rite outta yer purse
    Each morning there's pain in my rump
    Please send your money to Donald Trump

    Though he is a great souper--HERO
    HE needs your help rite now you know
    We're not sicklefants dupe's or chumps
    We send our munny to Donald Trump

    FaMOUs Anus the MASTA!!

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