• Jeff Berlin Names "Some of the other greats"

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    Q: Who are some of the other greats [on bass]?

    Berlin: The first and foremost bass player that I enjoy is a guy who never solos, [Tower of Power's] Francis Rocco Prestia. I consider him the inventor of the 16th-note staccato concept. Geddy Lee as a rock bass player is absolutely outstanding. So's
    Billy Sheehan. And Jack Blades from Night Ranger -- he's one of the killerest popping string players you'll ever see. Andy West is a great groove bass player. Jack Bruce, because he taught me. To this day, I still regard him as the great voice of
    rock & roll, the greatest instrumentalist of rock & roll, and a great composer and bass player. He's just a breathtaking talent. And McCartney...somebody told me that my name came up in a conversation with him, and he said he liked me. That really got
    to me! To even be mentioned by someone like him.

    -- from a 1985 Musician Magazine interview

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