• Re: The Beatles or the Yoke, who do you lissen to more??

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    On Friday, August 15, 2008 at 1:02:26 PM UTC-4, M C hammered wrote:
    Now fokes, to some this may seem a no-brainer (and it's a good thing too...all my reefer smoking has led to serious damage of the frontal
    globe :)...after all the Beatles broke up nearly two decades ago while
    the Yoke is still goin strong...in fact, when I look at her face, her
    shiny black hair, her unblemished complexion, her unlined neck, I feel
    she looks much like a woman in her twenties...which is what allows her
    to keep up her prolicified output...along with help from Sean (quite
    a macho and well shaven young man I might add) and insprashins from
    Johns spirit visions..
    So many will feel as many offen do, that the Yoke is who they liseen
    to more offens, specially with all her latest number #1's...see when
    the Yoke first released her stuff it was way to "far out" for most
    people, even those of us on drugs :)But times have changed, we've
    gotten more learned more sphisticated if you will, it's now the space
    age, and we're ready fer the Yoke...
    Now dont get me wrong...Im sayin I can finally preciate the Yoke...not
    that I friggin understand her or nuthin. It's impossible for a man to
    ever understand a women.. after all they dont even have penises fer
    goodness sakes! They got sumfun else the pee comes outta...cant
    member what its called...prolly cuz I never really seed one..cept fer
    the Yokes on the cover of Two Virgi ns fer Godsakes! And it just
    looks like a big ole ball a friggin hair fer Godsakes! Unwashed and
    no doubt wet from all the Yokes pee.....
    And its specially hard ta frickin Oriental one fer Godsakes! They
    come from far away, eaten rice and mushi (raw fish) and egg roels and
    what not...
    So if the Yoke ever pays ya a visit....be sure to hide the freakin

    I wonder if anyone really listens to 'the Yoke' for pleasure.

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