• March of 2024....Will Go Down in History.....My peom about it...by the

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Sat Mar 11 08:27:40 2023
    Trump wont neva be inditted
    In 9 Day's h'll be reinstatid

    This week CNN rilly dropped the ball
    While Tucka Carlson is respctid by ALL

    We Qits is growin in a mitey SURGE
    Reddy for JFK Joonya to EMURGE

    Putin is pro-seedin mastifly
    I like Putin and I think he like's me

    With the Noth Kerean Leada Im in love
    Cuzz that whattit mean's to be consevitOVE

    YES!! YES!!! YEs!!!

    Genious. Absloot genious.

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