• Robert Crane on Meeting Pete Best in the 70s

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    Robert Crane is the son of actor Bob "Colonel Hogan" Crane, whose 1978 murder in Scottsdale, AZ., is legally unsolved. Robert wrote for Oui magazine and has been a Beatles fan since he was a kid.

    "My personal highlight at that time with Oui was an opportunity to spend some time with the man who missed out on the greatest show business phenomenon ever. I was assigned to interview Pete Best, the Beatles' first drummer, who was hawking a book
    and a vinyl record of some leftover tracks by the pre-Ringo Silver Beatles. I spent two hours with him in his modest hotel room on Pico Boulevard in West Los Angeles absorbing how bleak and depressing it was to have been on the Beatle float and then to
    have been coldly cast off, not by his bandmates but by Brian Epstein, who was doing the dirty work for Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison. Best had continued to drum for a while, but then chucked it all and found steady employment as a mailman. Pension
    aside, the inner turmoil of missing out on the plunder of superstardom had taken its toll. Like the rest of us, he couldn't live a day without hearing a Beatles song played somewhere. He lived in an eternal prison called "What If"?

    -- from the book Crane: Sex, Celebrity, and My Father's Unsolved Murder

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