• Bidens Speach BOMMED!!!

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Wed Feb 8 11:15:25 2023
    Married Tayla Green TOOK HIM DOWN. YESSSSSSSSE!!

    And fyoocher President of America George Santos DESTROY'ED ROMNEE!!! Devastation incorporeal!!!@

    George Santos and Ma4gree Tayla Hreen are the Vancard's of today's true Tepublic7n Potty!! When Trumps reinstated he will appoint them to the Spream Cort were they will ban masks and orove Trump one in 2021. And 911 was a inside job and the mo9n
    landing never happened and Bill Gates uses the 'vax' to spy kn us and feed us meat glowed from leach trees .

    Fa?ues AmOuss

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