• McCartney Considers "Writing It All Down," 1986

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    Q: Why don't yoiu write it all [the truth about John Lennon and the Beatles] down, or tape it all, put down what you think was the relationship between you and John, exorcise it once and for all, then stick it in a drawer, and forget it?

    A: I might. I did that after being in jail. I've written my feelings about that. I wasn't allowed pencil and paper in jail, and it was all I wanted, so when I came home, I wrote it straight out. I don't know what to do with it. I don't want that
    usual publishing scene. It's just for me. It's about 20,000 words. Linda and one or two other people have read it and think it's good. I got a private printer, just to print for me one copy, one only. I've got it. I just wanted a plain white cover,
    and inside just black words on white paper. On cheap white paper. I did for a time think of publishing a few and selling them off the back of a barrow. Telling no one, just selling them in the street for a few bob. But I don't want a big thing. Then
    I heard that some pop musician had already done this, so I don't want it to look like copying. So I just have the one copy. I'll let you read it sometime. Tell me what you think.

    As for me and John, yeah, I might write it down. You know, I helped him with his first book. That's never been mentioned by anyone. Not by John anyway.

    -- from a 1986 interview w/ Hunter Davies

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