• The Yoko-Vodka Incident

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    According to Frederic Seaman, as Yoko prepared to run through "I'm Your Angel" with the Double Fantasy crew, she took Fred aside and instructed him to bring her a glass of vodka ("It'll relax my voice, you know") but to make it look ad if she was just

    "I found a bottle of Stolichnaya in the office refrigerator," Fred reports, "brought it upstairs and poured Yoko a stiff drink. When I handed her the vodka, she took a quick sip and resumed her high-pitched warbling."

    Later in the day, Yoko asked Fred to bring her another glass of "water." Eventually, Yoko summoned Fred to her side to state that she wanted to leave but was too drunk. Fred summoned a Japanese assistant of Yoko's to escort her from the session.
    Lennon watched this suspiciously, and when Yoko was gone, took a sip from her glass. "Jesus!" he exclaimed, "I didn't know what that was."

    -- quoted and summarized from Seaman's The Last Days of John Lennon

    Stolichnaya vodka was a favorite drink of Yoko's lover Sam Green

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