• Dakota Days

    From super70s@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jan 28 16:45:26 2023
    I was watching the Roberta Flack "American Masters" documentary on PBS
    last night, toward the end they spend a little time interviewing Yoko
    and Sean (sound only). The Dakota is no doubt a sturdily built structure
    but Roberta said she could sometimes hear the sound of John's piano
    wafting through the wall, and vice versa. Sean said Roberta could also
    hear him learning the electric guitar, "but she was pretty cool about
    it." Also they had "adjoining kitchens." I guess this doesn't mean they
    shared the same kitchen but maybe there was a door that led into each
    other's kitchen?

    They didn't go into her consoling Yoko right after the assassination at
    all though, probably too much of a downer.

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