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    There's debate as to whether Ono and Havadtoy privately got married. Havadtoy's boyfriend Luciano Sparacino insisted that they did and that the wedding took place in Havadtoy's country of birth, Hungary. Sparacino said that upon his return, Havadtoy
    said, "Luciano, do you realize that I am now a man?" Sparacino answered: "What were you before? Tinker Bell?"
    Seaman also said that Yoko had planned to divorce John, but changed her mind after the Bermuda trip.
    I cannot help but wonder why...

    Yes, and after manipulating her way onto the album, Yoko presented producer Jack Douglas with boxes of her outtakes from her 70s sessions with David Spinozza (yet another of her lovers). Surprised, Douglas asked Yoko how many songs she intended to get
    on the album. "As many as I can!" Yoko replied.

    That Lennon would allow this, on his *comeback* album, no less, after the disasters of his earlier collaborations with Yoko is extremely sad.

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