• May Pang, the Young Fan, and John's "Clean-Up Time"

    From Norbert K@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jan 27 06:32:19 2023
    This is from Loving John by May Pang:

    One afternoon early in 1977, Mario Casciano, a young fan of John's, called me. He had just been taken to lunch by John. "Guess what John told me," Mario said. "He's closing down the office in the Capitol building and moving everything back to
    the Dakota. He said that Yoko and he are having a "clean-up Time."

    "I beg your pardon," I said.

    "That's exactly what I said. I asked him what 'clean-up time' was. He said it's a way of breaking the umbilical cord to the past. He said that Yoko and he have hung a Civil War dagger over their bed. It's to remind them every day that they've
    both cut all ties to the past. You won't believe what else they've done. Yoko got John to hang up his guitar also, because music is part of John's past. The guitar is to remind him that he's said good-bye to music as well."

    "How awful. Was he serious?"

    "You bet he was. After lunch, he said good-bye to me, because I'm part of his past, too. Everything that he ever liked had been gotten rid of."

    I had been afraid that after John left me his world would be shrunk to miniscule size. Mario's phone call confirmed my worst apprehensions.

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