• Re: Whatever happened to Jan Carson?

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    The Magical Mystery Tour was originally a PG on the VHS version but on the DVD is a 12+. Why should it be a 12! PG works just fine AS THE LITERAL DESCRIPTION OF IT IS SOME SCENES MAY BE UNSUTIBLE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN! Why did the British film censors
    office make it a 12+ on the DVD version! Anyway I'm rambling on about random stuff but to answer your question, Jan Carson's probably retired from the Paul Ramond Revenue bar and living happily into of age.

    When me brother visited Cavendish Way and met Mr.McCartney, I asked besides his autograph, did you per chance take a few snaps? He said it was too dark. What, the one time in the universe you meet Macca and you dont even snap a single rotten pic? If
    you met a sasquatch, would you say, nah, its too dark to shoot pics in the woods??? Oh well. Wish I still had that autograph. Oh well...life goes on.

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