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    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jan 22 10:39:30 2023
    Kevin McCothy is a leada with strength
    His speekaship will have grate length
    George Santos does his job real good
    He is the model of manhood
    JFK Joonyas Death was staged
    Against the Deep State a wore been waged
    Putin likes Trump so he is our friend
    On Trumps Tradin Codd's our savins we spend
    His,reinstatement will ucker any DAY
    UPON the stage hel'l be joined by jfK
    Margree Tayla Green will protech our land
    She knows 911 never happand
    Clinton and Obutthole will lose there heads
    I bleave this stuff cuzz Im off my syke medd's

    Syke medd's is like the vax....a conspiracies by the guvminr to spy on me.. so I don't take Etha...

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