• Silly Boys

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    Silly Boys (2006 film)

    Silly Boys is a 2006 comedy horror film produced by
    Screen Gems, directed by Michael Dougherty, and
    starring Steve Zahn, Adam Brody, and David

    The film begins with the characters of Adam, Nick,
    and Kevin being recruited into the Silly Boys, a
    trio of frat boys. When one of them tries to leave
    the organization, Kevin tries to warn his brothers
    about the nature of the group. Nick is killed by a
    booby trap, and Adam tries to warn Kevin that Nick
    was not a booby trap. The booby trap is a remote-
    controlled fake human leg. They flee the house, and
    in doing so, Kevin is bitten by a zombie, and
    begins to show the first signs of the zombie

    While fleeing, Nick's brother Brian tries to warn
    Nick about the Silly Boys, telling him that Kevin
    is one of the Silly Boys and that he is infected.

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