• Nothing Up My Sleeve!

    From Mack A. Damia@21:1/5 to All on Fri Sep 24 20:35:01 2021
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    Nothing Up My Sleeve! And other funny observations
    from the road?

    There is an undeniable sense of excitement around
    the world as I watch the games played. I love the
    energy of all the arenas, but for some reason I?m
    more eager to see the European teams play.

    First, it?s their fans.

    Second, I love the way they play.

    As a student of basketball, I love the Euroleague
    in general. The teams play at an elevated pace. At
    Eurobasket you can see the difference between
    Euroleague games and North American professional
    basketball. At Eurobasket, you see the full-court
    action, the ball moves like lightening, players
    shoot it from every angle, from almost every place
    on the court.

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