• Musicianship and the Brain

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    "When neurologists conducted the first MRI scans of musicians' brains, starting in the early 1990s, they expected to find evidence of musical abilities in the brain's right hemisphere and of language in the left. (Although both sides of the brain engage
    in everything we do, the left hemisphere tends to be more involved in verbal tasks while the right hemisphere excels in visual perception.) Musicians showed as much left-side dominance as nonmusicians. But the structure of the musicians' brains
    revealed startling differences: namely, a thicker corpus callosum -- the fibrous nerve bundle that sends back and forth between the two hemispheres -- and more grey matter in the auditory, sensory, and motor areas."

    "A musician, declared the neurologist Gottfried Schlang, ''is basically an auditory-motor athelete.'"

    -- Excerpted from a recent Boston Globe article by Adriana Barton called "Your Brain on Music is a Wondrous Thing." The article proceeds to explain that the differences in musicians' brains are the result of nurture rather than nature.

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